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Sometimes someone goes to the sea and someone else goes to the lake

There are many lakes in Italy and all with excellent restaurants and bars to eat and enjoy a amazing view. Sometimes you can also have lunch or dinner in places a bit ‘more distant that do not enjoy among their fortunes of a superlative lake landscape, but they have a good food, with a comfortable and clean environment. This is the case of Zanoni bottega e cucina

There is a lake, among many, named lake of Garda, where between one shore and the other you reach Desenzano. 

Well, have you chosen this location for the weekend? Are you just passing through because you have planned a trip to the beautiful Sirmione? Then you should stop and eat at Zanoni bottega e cucina!

The location is very accurate and you can breathe the air of home-made products like those of the past and a family atmosphere, surrounded by a sociable, youthful and professional service.

You eat a few steps from the lake, in a loving street made of small colored houses and chattering with friends.

The atmosphere is very intimate, it seems to be in a place that can belong to any part of Italy, intimate and welcoming.

The advice is to go on a spring day, when it is neither too hot nor too cold even if the restaurant is equipped with a large room inside, with a caratteristic mood made by bottle of wines on the shleves, glasses, hams and a table of delicacies to order.

Great wines and good food.  You must eat the selection of cold cuts with burrata and the daily specials on a blackboard both inside and outside

 A friendly environment, where you can also relax yourself while having a drink. 

If you are not very hungry, there is also a fair offer of cocktails, beers and soft drinks, bitters and liqueurs or just a coffee for a chat.

The cost is 40 euros each for an appetizer, first course, wine, water and coffee. At the end of the dinner, just cross the road and after 5 minutes you can stop on the shores of the lake and enjoy a little ‘healthy and romantic relax, with your partner or with yourself!

 What’ say? Yes! 



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