Villa Reale in Milan? Who knows it?

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The hidden beauty of  Villa Reale in Milan!

You wake up one Sunday morning, it’s sunny (this thing should be celebrated to be honest), the air is warm and you really want to get the light leather jacket out of the closet with your new sunglasses. You have so many things to do: events, exhibitions, ecc you just have to buy an ATM ticket (Milan transport company .ndr) that you can also buy comfortably on the phone otherwise, pay attention, you can have some trouble and pay more or less 33 euro of monetary penalty and finally have a lot of good willpower.

But if you don’t have so much willpower, apart the usual consolidated, the white shopping or the ride to the shops without buying anything, you can always opt for a ride around the Milan parks and thwre are several parks in Milan, Parco Forlanini, the gardens of Guastalla, the public gardens of Indro Montanelli, Sempione park and many others more or less distant and beautiful (complete liste park).

Abandoning the white shopping option and then opting for a ride around the city you go to the downtown of the city. If you then want to get a coffee and decide to stop at the Lùbar, bar and restaurant inside located into a beautiful cloister, then you can discover, even for those who live in Milan for a long time, that next to the entrance of the Lùbar there is another one, smaller, that bring you to the gardens open to the public!

So you realize that Milan always reserves you new surprises and this time the surprise is the gardens of Palazzo Belgiojoso Bonaparte or Villa Reale.


scorcio di Villa Reale

A building, Villa Reale in Milan, built in the early 1790s, with a neoclassical style, but with bucolic gardens that are sometimes romantic. There is a small sinuous stream that houses ducks, fish and huge turtles. In short, a micro cosmos on a bed of water that hides behind small bridges, a large tower, a small temple and caves to then get lost under the trees. The gardens cover an area of ​​24,000 m2 (including the villa) and most of the plants date back to the 19th century.

 If the day is sunny then you should definitely organize a picnic with friends, a beer and some music and you no longer need to go downtown for white shopping that this time It can wait!  

Then if you want to combine culture and entertainment, then know that in 1920 the Villa (after several changes of ownership over the centuries) was purchased by the City of Milan in 1921 established the Civic Gallery of Modern Art in Milan, still present. In 1951 the Villa was flanked by the Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, better known as the PAC, which over the years has hosted exhibitions by artists of international standing.

My advice? Take 5 minutes to relax among the beauties of the city

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