Welcome Daniel lee: a second miracle?

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After 17 years at the helm of the Venetian company,Tomas Maier was kindly dismissed from the position of Creative Director. As written in the previous article, for a creative that goes away, another arrives. As anticipated Wednesday, when the news was announced, was there already a name for the vacancy position or if the selections were open. Well, actually it is a bit unthinkable, knowing the Kering group, that there was not already a name. As happened to Frida Giannini replaced… Read More »Welcome Daniel lee: a second miracle?

Bye Bye Tomas Maier

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61 years and 17 of which passed at the helm of one of the Italian excellence craftsmanship brands, Bottega Veneta. So Tomas Maier, decides to leave the artistic direction of the brand and the Kering group of which the brand is part. This is the “game of fashion“, for one who comes another one goes away. So it happened in Valentino and also to the luckiest Gucci, who saw the rising talent of Alessandro Michele who, from Frida’s right-hand man,… Read More »Bye Bye Tomas Maier