Shrimp, bacon and beans

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Short time and little desire to cook? Enough with a little creativity!   INGREDIENTS for 2 people 2 jars of black beans 6 prawns 300 gr. shrimp already shelled (even 250 grams are fine, the important thing is that you do not make a kilo of shrimps!) 1 pack of cubed bacon EVO oil q.b. 1 clove of garlic chopped rosemary   Few ingredients and a lot of imagination for a fast, tasty and unusual result! open the two jars… Read More »Shrimp, bacon and beans


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Sometimes you need to try the new restaurants, those that were not opened  since one month ago and now find them! Undoubtedly, the TV programs of cooking have given a strong push to the accelerator of culinary entrepreneurship throughout Italy, if not in the world. Thanks to Cracco whose sympathy is like a fresh rain in mid-August, to Cannavacciuolo (which we find him everywhere even printed in all his beautiful face on the trams of Milan to sponsor the gorgonzola cheese)… Read More »AL25 Milan RESTAURANT

SPAGHETTI WITH CARBONARA: the secret in 5 minutes!

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The secret of spaghetti alla Carbonara Well, as you know, “carbonara” is easy to cook like pasta with garlic, oil and chilli. It’s so simple that it is one of the hardest things to get in the kitchen, if you are not a chef or an eighty-year-old grandmother. Well, you can eat the carbonara at the restaurants (pay attention, not everyone can do it properly!) Read my advice on restaurants in the section Fashion Food – At 25 Milan) but… Read More »SPAGHETTI WITH CARBONARA: the secret in 5 minutes!