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Spaghetti clams and bottarga

 As usual at dinner time, someone knocked on your door? We do not really have anything in the fridge and we do not know how to amaze the freeloader? 

OK no problem. Meanwhile, since you do not want to order pizza or Chinese food, go to the supermarket. Buy only 3 ingredients (it is assumed that oil and salt and parsley you already have at home … otherwise buy those too!)

Back home and with a big smile uncork a bottle of white wine, I would recommend a bottle of Santa Cristina but here is a link with a list of 10 wines that goes well with the pasta we are cooking (recommended wines)


 While deceiving the waiting and talking to the person you invited or self-invited, put the pasta water to boil and select a playlist: it is shown by Mr. Nobody to cook listening to music relax the mind  

INGREDIENTS for 2 persons


  • spaghetti or bavette about 200gr (always depends on the hunger you have and if you are on a diet or not)
  • clams already shelled and cleaned (frozen) or fresh to clean
  • bottarga
  • garlic
  • parsley
  • EVO oil, salt and black pepper

  • fill a pot with water, add salt and bring to a boil
  • in the meantime, take a large pan or a wok and fry a minced garlic clove with a little black pepper and parsley
  • when the garlic is golden (that is light yellow and not burnt, be careful that the step is short) add the shelled clams and a handful of previously chopped parsley and cook with the lid for about 10 minutes.
  • did you buy the fresh clams? Then you have to clean them. It’s very simple, but I’ll send you to the link below because you’ll have to purge and stress yourself.
  • watch it in fullscreen
  • after 10 minutes, check the clams and add half a glass of white wine that you are already drinking.
  • if you’re not drinking white wine because of your problems, combine half a glass of pasta cooking water.
  • check the spaghetti and when they are good drain them
  • always keep a little ‘cooking water aside, you never know that it should serve if the pasta is too dry or if the sauce of clams is too little because you have put too much pasta
  • at this point put the spaghetti into the pan with the fire at the minimum and mix gently
  • add half of the bottarga you bought
  • serve
  • decorate the dish with the remaining portion of bottarga and a pinch of parsley.
  • adjust with a drizzle of e.v.o oil

 Did you see? It’s not so complicated to do it! If we knew it before

enjoy your meal!



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