SPAGHETTI WITH CARBONARA: the secret in 5 minutes!

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spaghetti alla carbonara

The secret of spaghetti alla Carbonara

 How many times have we tried to cook spaghetti carbonara and instead the result was to eat a pasta with scramble eggs?  

Well, as you know, “carbonara” is easy to cook like pasta with garlic, oil and chilli. It’s so simple that it is one of the hardest things to get in the kitchen, if you are not a chef or an eighty-year-old grandmother.

Well, you can eat the carbonara at the restaurants (pay attention, not everyone can do it properly!) Read my advice on restaurants in the section Fashion Food – At 25 Milan) but at the same time, it’s really difficult to eat it well done. So many times I tried. I have seen and tasted of every kind: some people put the cream (God forgive them), who adds a little milk to give creaminess (it would be extradited to the South Pole: how do you put the milk in the pasta ?! ), others still add secret ingredients as if they were magic potions that at some point give goodness that do not have much to do with the original recipe. In conclusion! After many various attempts I began to study this recipe, ordering it obsessively at every restaurant I visited to understand how I could make it at home; also because, let’s be clear, it’s a good and fast recipe, so simple that you feel almost stupid not knowing how to make it! Why should not we be able to do it?

In any case, all my attempts to copy inexorably failed, like that day that I decided to make eggs to the benedict and I consumed about twenty before understanding how to make the poached egg!

 Finally one day the grandmother of a friend of mine, Umbrian, so not too far from the homeland of the Carbonara, Rome, she revealed her secrets to me, as if it were almost a passage of a witness. 

Apart from the immense emotion of that day and the day when I cooked the first eatable carbonara worthy of that name, today I decide to share these secrets with you, also because they are so simplicity that it is almost a shame to keep them all for myself.

A little secret to have a carbonara made like in a Roman restaurant! Use only the yolks!

My spaghetti alla carbonara


IINGREDIENTS for 2 people:

  • Spaghetti or bavette 200 gr (always depends on the hunger you have and if you are on a diet or not)
  • 3 eggs
  • 300 g of pecorino romano
  • 200 gr of Norcia pork cheek (or simply the guanciale of the supermarket under the house)
  • EVO oil, salt and black pepper q.b.

 Imortant for the success of the recipe is not to use oil 

  1. fill a pot with water, add salt q.b and bring to a boil
  2. in the meantime, take a big bowl (so it will be easier to beat it with a whisk), if you do not have it, a dish is good
  3. separate the eggs from the egg white.
  4. secret 1: use 1 egg white and 2 egg yolks: then summing up, one egg inside and 2 egg yolks.
  5. add a pinch of salt and black pepper. whisk with a whisk vigorously until you get a thick cream (do not worry then melt with the dough)
  6. secret 2: add 300g of pecorino romano (Many use the parmesan thinking it’s the same but it’s completely wrong!)
  7. secret 3: take a pan and put the bacon cut into strips or into cubes. DO NOT add oil (the bacon will cook for 5/8 minutes alone and will drain its oil). When it is ready, separate a couple of cubes for the final decoration
  8. the water in the pot boils? Cook the spaghetti then!
  9. cooked spaghetti? Drain and put them back in the pot keeping the fire at MINIMUM!
  10. add the cooked bacon with all its oil and mix (I suggest you use a spatula for cakes.It is the only kitchen utensil that gives great satisfaction in collecting creams, sauces and oil)
  11. when the spaghetti with the bacon are mixed, add the cream previously prepared with the eggs. Stir energetically with the low heat to avoid the scramble eggs effect!
  12. crumble and dust if you want with a little ‘black pepper. Add a pair of strips of bacon on top for final decoration
  13. if you can not resist add a little extra virgin olive oil (but just a thread!) “See, it did not take so long, you know …”

Enjoy your meal!

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