SPAGHETTI tomato sauce and ricotta salata

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spaghetti al pomodoro

Spaghetti tomato sauce and ricotta salata

 Sometimes in the evening we do not know what to cook. Maybe because we have no ideas or simply because we have not done the shopping. Other times we have so many ingredients in our pantry but we run out of ideas. Well, this recipe, easy and ready in about 7 minutes, solves part of the problems, hunger and taste above all!  

You should buy only three ingredients (it is assumed that you already have at home the most important ingredients like oil and salt … otherwise buy those too!) Spaghetti, rustic tomato sauce and ricotta salata

All of us once time in our life we ate this pasta, at least as a child, then we forgot this recipies in Italy, but  not the foreigners, thanks to God! 

 Why? Easy, at the restaurant you don’t go to order a simple spaghetti with tomato sauce, and so you do not eat it. At home,  you don’t cook spaghetti with tomato sauce, it’s too easy! On the other hand, when we put ourselves in the kitchen, our “Vissani” soul takes over and then we start thinking about bean creams with port reduction with oven-crumbled pistachios accompanied by steamed halibut or baked cod fillets with datter and crispy bacon and so on! In short, when we are discouraged we understand that we are not Vissani, then we always end up ordering pizza on  foodora…  

INGREDIENTS for 2 persons:

  • spaghetti or about 200 gr (always depends on the hunger you have and if you are on a diet or not)
  • rustic tomato sauce (it is denser and better)
  • basil
  • garlic
  • ricotta salata 50 gr
  • EVO oil, salt and black pepper q.b.


  • useless to tell you, fill a pot with water, add salt q.b and bring to a boil
  • in the meantime, take a large pan or a wok and fry a minced garlic clove with a little black pepper and basil.
  • when the garlic is golden (that is light yellow and not burnt, be careful that the step is very short) combine half a bottle of tomato sauce “rustica”
  • add salt and … trust me, put a tablespoon of sugar (I do not know what your philosophy on sugar is, but certainly not put the sweetener or brown sugar).
  • spent 10 minutes, when the sauce boil and add some chopped basil leaves or whole (I prefer whole but those are de gustibus)
  • if you are not drinking wine because of your problems it doen’t matter, otherwise I suggest you a good Blood of Judas
  • obvious that, if the water is boiling, you can put the spaghetti
  • remember that spaghetti, like all the pasta should be mixed with wooden spoons and not placed in aluminum (at least my grandma used to say to me!)
  • check the spaghetti and when they are al dente take them out.
  • add spaghetti with tomato sauce
  • grate the ricotta salata
  • if you have invited to dinner or friends freeloaders as usual, do not mix the pasta but present it with ricotta salata and two sheets of raw basil on
  • adjust with a drizzle of e.v.o oil

 Did you see? It’s not so complicated to do it! If we knew it before

enjoy your meal!



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