Silvia Stories

Monday appointment.

What will happen to Silvia during her incessant search for a boyfriend and a job? 

Following the links of the pills of her adventures, divided into small chapters, each chapter is a Monday appointment.

To never stop believing in whatever you are believing!

Short summary before starting to read:

Silvia is a girl of about thirty, unemployed and maintained by two apprehensive parents. It goes through a period of uncertainty, both at work and sentimental level. She lives in a flat in Milan with her historic boyfriend since the days of university. One day, coming home from the umpteenth job interview, she goes into the house and discovers his boyfriend in bed with another man..

Troubled and shaken, she runs away from home without even looking at her boyfriend or her lover. All his world and her certainties are swept so in a single moment and so she decides, following the advice of her friends, a group of girls with completely opposite personalities, to organize a trip alone to Negril. This is to be able to find herself and at the same time surrender to the carelessness of having a different man every night trying to forget his disastrous daily.

The pleasure trip turns into a nightmare. From the moment of departure, because of her superficial and absent-minded nature, she is arguing with all the traveling passengers forced to suffer a huge delay towards the destination because of her unstoppable inclination to shopping. During the plane trip she is seated next to a nun with whom she has a fleeting exchange of acidic beats and that will reveal herself to her the travel companion for all his stay in Negril.

In the evening of the first day, in fact, Silvia will be robbed and beaten by a man met at the beach in the afternoon and with whom he had set an appointment for dinner. The boy with the excuse of showing her a wonderful place from which to admire the stars, takes her to an isolated forest. Silvia, hesitant initially, however, is determined to go beyond their limits and to trust this very attractive stranger. Unfortunately, her unheard fears prove to be exact and the man once arrived on an isolated hill and away from the holiday village, beats and robs her. Fortunately, thanks to some noises coming from the woods, Silvia manages to escape naked on a path, but before reaching the beach she stumbles, banging her head and perishing her senses. She wakes up in the hospital, with a broken arm and a bandage over her eyes.

Because of the fall she suffered a temporary loss of sight. Thanks to two tourists who found her and was unconscious in the hospital, she found herself hospitalized next to the nun known by air, Mother Costanza, who will be her caregiver all the time. The only people with whom you will have contact will be the nun who will take care of her and the attending physician, who for a strange coincidence due to the attendance of a refresher course from Milan is located in Negril.

Silvia, unable to see, falls in love day after day of his voice and thus begins to fantasize a future together with Milan. In the meantime, between Mother Costanza and Silvia, a very special friendship born: the strong and austere character of the nun often clashes with the immaturity and superficiality of Silvia, an open-minded dreamer with a strong dependence on fashion and shopping. Treat an un-grown girl with a strong cinematic vision of her life. The forced friendship between the two will be the beginning of a new friendship and an introspective journey of growth both by Silvia and the Sister herself.

Healed from convalescence and regains her sight, Silvia returns to Milan in this way, taking up her life and decided to meet the doctor whose phone number she had managed to obtain. Meanwhile, her best friend, Marzia, discovers the identity of the boy with whom Silvia has been betrayed but decides to wait to tell her the truth she has discovered until the moment when they will see each other.

Finally arrived on the day of the aperitif, Silvia excited arrives at the bar, where there are also her friends sitting in another table from which they observe the situation (…)

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