R&R – Runway or RunAway

FEBRUARY 2018  – JUNE 2018

 Who does not like fashion? Who would not like for once or more to be able to take part in the fashion shows that love each other? 

Unfortunately if you are not a journalist on Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, Vanity Fair etc., or you’re not a famous youtubber or blogger or, better yet, a VIP, you are not lucky enough to find in your mailbox the long awaited STD (save the date). Well, today thanks to the web, the shows have become more usable and unlike the ’80s or’ 90s, the images and videos are immediately available. Often they are the same brands … who post links to the live shows, allowing everyone to see them live.

Of course, it’s not the same thing!

Sometimes we do not always understand fashion, the stylistic choices of Creative Directors. Sometimes we like a few pieces, sometimes all the collection, others we do not understand the avant-garde mood and we support comments of fashion journalists, as if they were our only undisputed mentors.

“But why not express our comments and opinions? If the Internet has given voice to the people and if the companies have decided to use the web to broaden their consent, then we too, common mortal aspirational, we can say what we like and what dislike  always obviously respecting the work of others, because, we must never forget that behind every show of fifteen minutes at least , there are thousands of people who work, spent money and broken or raised their careers “ndr
“Here comes the idea of ​​Runway or Run Away, we can feel free to comment without having to worry about the consequences … at least we will not be invited to the front row, well: what changes?”

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FEBRUARY 2018  – JUNE 2018