Paris June 2018: a close up about the SS19 Menswear collection

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Paris Fashion shows June 2018

What did the main designers have proposed during the Paris fashion week for the Spring 2019 collections?

The Paris Fashion Week ends today with regard to the men’s proposals for next spring-summer 2019.

Keyword is casual and shorts.

Below is a selection of some fashion shows on which to put the accent and a small magnifying glass.


Certainly not missing the color, the joyful and the energy given by the use of different prints and logos printed on the t-shirt. The 90s are celebrated, even here, with the resurrection of denim even with the giant implications (which we thought we were happily left in the past). Caps, overalls and sweatshirts combined with shorts. A fashion that certainly looks at the new, the millennials and that can be defined as “youth”, perhaps a bit ‘too much.

Camuflage that reigns on outfits and daytime looks. Logos used in a logical and graphic way without being too intrusive.

We miss the classic man, the formal man, the one wearing a shirt and a pair of Valentino moccasins, it was sexy and reassuring. In any case,  Pierpaolo Piccioli , Creative Director of the Maison, was amazed by the contemporaneity of a collection projected towards the future and the trend of the moment.


Bright colors, the 70s inspiration, and used as a union trade throughout the show, is declined in different colors and color degradations. Models young, perhaps too much, and thin! This is the proposal of the Maison. The pouches in shiny leather combined with men’s suits and worn over the jackets like belts around the waist. Apart from a few unstructured suits and the blue velvet suit, always with a beige print, everything seemed a bit too young, a bit too much millennials, but maybe this, we’ll have to get a reason sooner or later . Watch the fashion showVogue 


Yohji YamamotoYohji Yamamoto

While all the catwalks (D&G apart) have amazed us in Milan for the reference to an increasingly younger fashion target, as if it were a fault to age or prove to be such in Paris, but among all Yohji Yamamoto reassures us. First of all, it is a pleasure to see men parading during the Men’s Fashion Week, rather than just graduates who should be the new canon of beauty.

Unstructured jacket and trousers, long skirts, chemisier and black, new and extravagant shapes, but of sure beauty and effect. Jackets with cut hinges and small glimpses of prints that can be glimpsed from strategic holes until you reach an exploit of complete prints characterized by the delicacy of Japanese portraits.

The white, the fuchsia and the violet up to touches of red and yellow are all rigorously used as shoulders of the only actor: the black. Prints, maxi shirts and a great skill in mixing the different types of fabric used, to pack a definitely elegant and futuristic result, free from market logic (but not too much). Watch the fashion show on Vogue


Nothing to say to the sobriety of the fashion show.

A strong identity that has not been contaminated by today’s trends. Delicate prints mixed with technical fabrics and cottons.

A contemporary proposal, fresh and with clean shapes.

The reference to the “old Prada ” is a bit too strong. Watch the fashion show on Vogue 

RICK OWENSrick owens

We are now accustomed to the evocative show of the fashion shows by Rick Owens, to whom the triennial exhibition of Milan was also dedicated. This time the Maison amazes us with 3D effects, in the sense that the models replicated the concept of inner explosion with torn clothes, cut with internal inserts to stretch the fabric and give (from the inside) life to new forms in tension. Apart from this artistic concept and this suffered vision, the show shows a certain knowledge of the fabrics and the way they are used. Unless you’re in the Underworld movie, it’s hard to wear your total look.

Some single piece, extrapolated from the context is undoubtedly beautiful and sought. Watch the fashion show on Vogue 


The luxury company, the one for which everyone dreams of working or of being able to have access to unlimited credit to buy their bags, has proposed a very characteristic man show. What do you mean? The first 16 models that paraded on a catwalk that should have remembered the light prism as well as the proposed collection, were all color models that wore outfits in total white. Then a succession of ethnicities and fantasies. In short, it looked like the senior version of Benetton’s ADV, and this, at a politically perverse moment in Europe, makes the show proudly international. Soft shapes, sometimes extra-large and light fabrics mixed with leather inserts up to the use of the glove accessory. At the beginning a color palette sober and very light tones, then come to delicate prints on shorts and bold colors such as red tshirt, coats, skilfully mixed with trousers printed in black and white or camel-colored coats. Also the Maison offers denim, resurrecting it in light tones both for oversize shirts and jeans. Bags? Of all the shapes and shapes, but rigorously matched with the look: therefore white, in printed fur, silver shiny leather with raimbow reflections, red leather bowling bags with embossed monogram, camel travel bag and red croco leather clutch bags. The news? The transparent green privacy bag. Who knows if it will ever go into production until it reaches the shelves. Watch the fashion show on Vogue

MAISON MARGIELAmaison margiela

A riot of color, lattex, shiny skin and thinness.

A very skinny men’s fashion, legs wrung out in trousers in contrast with jackets laid on shoulders in the style of the 50s. Shorts and sneakers complete the outfit of the brand’s proposals, alternating sometimes with the use of cowboy boots combined with classic suits.

Conceptual and fliud gender.

Beautiful oriental prints used for coats and suits that remotely recalled the Japanese Yukata, or perhaps it would be better to say the Kimoni, given the desired confusion of genres. Watch the fashion show on Vogue arda la sfilata su Vogue 

ALEXANDER McQUEENalexander mcqueen

Young models dressed in formal dresses with tailored cuts alternating with rock suits and prints that invade the skin, becoming itself an accessory of the look.

All this is what the Maison has proposed during the Parisian fashion show. Coats and trenches used in classic version on formal suits. Outfits complemented by the use of accessories that make the proposal more contemporary, from the bags to the rings to the cuffs of the shirts that emerge from the sleeve of the coat.

Shorts paired with classic socks up to the knee and deconcertualized by pairing with long sleeved shirts and tailored pinstriped gilet. Beautiful bicolor coats (black and red) and suits with light hints of colors with strong contrast. A really beautiful show. Watch the fashion show on Vogue  


Ephebic models in pastel tones, shorts and transparencies given by the use of embroidered t-shirts.

A palette of colors used in very light, almost impalpable tones. A sophisticated and contemporary style, transversal cuts and wallet jackets that alternate with more sporty bomber jackets and embellished with micro floral prints.

This is Dior’s proposal for the SS19 collection: a delicate show and outfits characterized by style and comfort. Watch the fashion show on Vogue 


Definitely youthful in style, so Hermès’s proposal caught the attention in the spotlight of the Paris fashion week.

Pastel colors combined with strong contrasts, the fluorescent yellow of the trousers is combined with opaque gray jackets and the colors of the sand are combined with intense and shiny greens.

A casual chic proposal, which in line with the trends this week uses baby carriers and shorts comfortably matched with cotton sweaters.

A boat style that reaches the city with a fit suitable for all occasions. Watch the fashion show on Vogue 




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