Harry Potter – exhibition @fabbrica del vapore

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It would have been appropriate to invoke an Expecto Patronum and the exhibition would have been revealed for what it was: nothingness! However, for those who went to the exhibition could learn a new spell: how to lose shortly about 20 euros. Because it’s actually what happens. Sceneries, reproductions of objects, costumes and interactive areas, in short for a Harry’s fun is like being in front of a huge buffet after days without food: this was the expectation. In order… Read More »Harry Potter – exhibition @fabbrica del vapore

Pasta with black cabbage and luganega sausage by #bestfriend

Recipe by #bestfriend Of course, as in all recipes, you will need to buy the ingredients, unless for a casual and fortuitous coincidence, you already have them in your pantry in the kitchen.   INGREDIENTS for 4 people: 350 gr of homemade pasta 400 gr of black cabbage 150 gr luganiga (long Milanese sausage) Oil EVO Hot pepper q.b Salt to taste Ready? Take a pot and boil some salted water. At the boil reached join the black cabbage cut… Read More »Pasta with black cabbage and luganega sausage by #bestfriend

Monday, pill number 14

Lesson n.4: contract a travel package “No,” said the girl gently, then began to scrutinize me sufficiently and then I realized that they had already told the story of the bus, so I always added kindly and flaunting a veiled innocence “You know, already yesterday evening I having made the other passengers wait more than necessary, I would not have replied that kind of unpleasant inconvenience. ” “Yes, they have already warned me of last night.” Her gaze was still… Read More »Monday, pill number 14

Have you ever heard of Arancino?

First of all we start by saying that the world is divided into two factions: some call it “arancino” and others “arancina”. On this matter, even the Accademia della Crusca  intervened, which, for those who don’t know it, is an Italian institution that gathers scholars and linguistic and philological experts of the Italian language, according to which “it owes its name to the analogy with the round and golden fruit of the orange, that is the orange, then we could… Read More »Have you ever heard of Arancino?

Figs cake by #fabio87fabio

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Figs cake by #fabio87fabio Obviously, as usual, you will need to go to the market you have at home or nearby, unless, by a fortuitous coincidence, which I doubt it, you don’t already have all the ingredients in your pantry!   INGREDIENTS:  1 roll of puff pastry or brisee 400 gr of fresh figs 75 gr of peeled almond powder 50 gr of brown sugar 1 egg 40 g of butter Honey q.b. READY? First, melt the butter in a… Read More »Figs cake by #fabio87fabio

Monday, pill number 13

Lesson n.4: contract a travel package After the shower and put the costume, I was transferring everything I needed from my bag, used for the trip, to that of Louis Vuitton Ipanema collection designed for the sea, when at a certain point, while transferring the cigarettes and the lighter from the first to the second, I fell a sheet on the ground. Before picking it up I decided to finish what I was doing, partly because I thought it was… Read More »Monday, pill number 13

AL PROFETA – Venice by BestFriend

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AL PROFETA in Venice Review by BestFriend Where is it? In this wonderful holiday in Venice we discovered a sensational restaurant in the area of ​​San Basilio: al profeta. Inside a small courtyard we were served in the best way: a “Venetian” and international cuisine at the same time, revisited with particular attention to both taste and aesthetics My husband ordered a duck with vegetables while I ordered a cuttlefish stuffed crab on a tomato mayonnaise. The mise en place is… Read More »AL PROFETA – Venice by BestFriend

Spaghetti with chicken stew

Spaghetti with chicken stew During the summer we are always looking for something good and quick to prepare. Obviously, as in all recipes, you will need to buy the ingredients, unless for a casual and fortuitous coincidence (I doubt it) you do not already have them in your pantry in the kitchen. INGREDIENTS for 2 people: 600 grams of chicken legs 10 medium-sized potatoes 6 zucchini 3 peppers 1 onion extra virgin olive oil Salt to taste. black pepper q.b.… Read More »Spaghetti with chicken stew

Frida Kahlo exhibition in Milan

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MODIGLIANI, an exhibition to watch sitting!? The retrospective at Milan’s Mudec, Museum of Cultures in Milan, is set for 20 June to 4 November 2018. Given that every form of art, which recreates the visual arts in any form is worthy of note, this exhibition, to be precise, defined itself as a multi-sensory experience that should involve the viewer offering the discovery of the artistic figure of Modigliani, was rather childish and slightly disappointing albeit a lot of effect. It is right… Read More »Frida Kahlo exhibition in Milan

Momi restaurant – Como

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Momi, a terrace on Lake Como. Quel ramo del lago di Como … “In August, for those who are not yet to refresh their limbs in the sweet salty waters of the Italian sea, there is a place that, even if not salty, is very close to marvelous maritime scenarios where you can taste delicacies in front of a wonderful sunset: this place is called Momi restaurant and is located close to the Lake of Como”. “A terrace overlooking the lake… Read More »Momi restaurant – Como