Osteria Mare in Pasta: Milan

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Osteria Mare in Pasta, when dishes exceed the location!

You know when you have to choose a restaurant and it’s 7pm on a Saturday night? The despair begins to prevail and begins a convulsive search on tripadvisor and the fork.

So it was: choosing among the best ratings we choose Mare in Pasta!

The location in via menabrea, is certainly not attractive, glamorous or chic, as is usually expected in Milan. But it is right to try everything and not just rely on the design of restaurants to decide to try new dishes.

In fact, we are not talking about Cracco’s restaurant in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, but about a nice place outside the overrated downtown of Milan, where you are pleasantly surprised, for the kitchen of course!

The impression that we have just arrived outside the room is to be in a small Greek restaurant: the colors used in fact from the sign to the interior are a blaze of white and blue, from the tables to the interior parquet, from the walls to the chairs to the cash desk. A truly minimalist decoration, in maritime style. For a moment you have the impression of dining at Naxos, but do not be intimidated (as happened to us), then you will remember to be in Milan.

mare in pasta

How can we synthesise this totally surprising and pleasant experience?

 let’s go for point: 

The service is prepared, friendly and quick without creating too many anxieties and the sympathy of young waiters is not intrusive (which ultimately does not hurt, given the ever growing of the latter flaunted by the waiters as if they were your best friends).

 Impeccable and reliable service, they certainly deserve a tip.  


mare in pasta The menù does not have a huge selection, (thankfully) but all the ingredients are fresh, from fish to homemade pasta.

You can choose between the dishes of the day, written on a blackboard above the counter that shows fresh fish or ask for them directly at the service.

Excellent raw dish accompanied by a prosecco sauce and Tropea onions.

Good and tasty pasta with sea urchins although it is expected to find the sea urchins inside the shells in the dish and not just as a garnish.

mare in pasta


The dish is nice and unpretentious, the place on the other hand, as reported by the sign, is intended to be a simple kitchen and so is also the mise en place.

Honestly, compared to many restaurants emblazoned, their offer is more than captivating and pretty.



mare in pasta


The prices are perfectly in line with the average of the restaurants in Milan and have an excellent ration quality/price.

For an appetizer of fish, first course, dessert and a bottle of wine (including water, coffee and bitter) it spends around 40 euro.

mare in pasta

In summary, the dishes are tasty, well executed and the portions plentiful. You certainly will not be hungry.

The location is minimal, a bit ‘too noisy for a romantic dinner, but adequate for a group of friends.

To reward the will of young boys who have been questioned in a supply chain, that of catering, highly competitive.



An advice? Definitely to take care of the interior design a little more.

 What to say? Absolutely Yes 



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