Orecchiette, borlotti beans and prawns

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fagioli e gamberi

Orecchiette, borlotti beans and prawns

Here we are again. The recipe is not an absolute novelty, in fact, a bit ‘of time ago I had already proposed a recipe of this type, but without pasta.

This time we add the orecchiette!

Of course, as in all recipes, you will have to buy the ingredients, unless you have them already in your kitchen pantry for a random and coincidental coincidence.

INGREDIENTS for 2 people:   fagioli e gamberi

  • 300 gr. of orecchiette
  • 2 boxes of precooked borlotti beans
  • 400 gr. of fresh prawns
  • parsley
  • 1 knob of butter
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tropea onion
  • Salt to taste
  • black pepper q.b.
  • chili pepper


  • first bring to a boil a pot with salt water to cook the pasta
  • in a wok pan (or simply a non-stick pan) heat a tablespoon of oil, 1 clove of garlic deprived of the central core
  • add a little ‘black pepper and a pinch of pepper
  • when the garlic is golden add the beans inside the jars and if you want to sprinkle with a little ‘rosemary powder
  • in the meantime, if the water is boiling, quickly scald the prawns (maximum 5 minutes) and then put them in a dish.
  • at this point in the same water where the prawns were cooked you can cook the pasta (maybe taste again to correct salt …)
  • stir the beans from time to time
  • at this point, turn off the heat and with the help of the usual minipimer and the usual bowl (also called a graduated glass) emulsify all the beans, keeping aside a pair to
  • be used to decorate the dish
  • If necessary, add a little water to cook the pasta to get a slightly more liquid cream (to your taste)
  • after cooking pasta, drain it of course!
  • add the cream of beans and add the prawns, leaving 3 to decorate each dish at the end
  • sprinkle with a little parsley
  • decorated with a spoon of beans and 3 prawns (but only if you have a freeloin at dinner or lunch, otherwise you can safely skip this point
  • served
  • eat

The wine that I recommend as a pairing is a GIOIA DEL COLLE DOC. Obviously you should not have liver problems or to be an abstainer.

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Enjoy your meal!


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