Octopus and potatoes salad

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insalata di polipo e patate

Octopus and potatoes salad

Here we are again with an easy recipe if you have a dinner with so many diners!

 A recipe from the past years that can be prepared in advance, especially when you have so many diners at dinner! 

Of course, as in all recipes, you will have to buy the ingredients, unless you have them already in your kitchen pantry for a random and coincidental coincidence.

INGREDIENTS for 5 people:      insalata di polipo e patate

  • 1 kg of octopus
  • 650 gr of potatoes
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 3 lemons
  • 150 gr of parsley
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt to taste.
  • black pepper q.b.
  • chives q.b.


  • First, boil the potatoes dipped in cold water for about 40 minutes
  • once cooked, let it cool
  • in the meantime, take a pot and immerse the octopus in cold water, light the flame and bring to a boil
  • let the octopus boil with the lid a little raised for about an hour
  • when the octopus is ready, let it cool in the cooking water until the water and the octopus are cold (this procedure will make your octopus soft and not hard!)

  • at this point chop the garlic
  • wash the tufts of parsley and chop them
  • wash the lemons and squeeze 3, leaving some slices to decorate the dishes
  • cool the potatoes and peel them and cut them into small pieces

insalata di polipo e patate

  • once the octopus has cooled, strain it and cut it into small pieces, placing it in a large baking dish
  • add the octopus potatoes
  • at this point salt enough
  • add the previously minced garlic and parsley
  • sprinkle with a little ‘black pepper and chives
  • season with oil e.v.o (at least 4 turns of oil) and mix carefully
  • add the juice of the squeezed lemons
  • scrambled carefully
  • arrange the 4 slices of lemon previously cut on the octopus
  • cover with a kitchen film and put the baking dish in the fridge
  • remove from the refrigerator at least half an hour before serving the octopus

insalata di polipo e patate


 The wine that I recommend as a pairing is a MARINO SUPERIORE DOC Obviously you should not have liver problems or to be an abstainer.

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Enjoy your meal!


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