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le storie di silvia

Lesson n.3: do not waste time at the airport duty free

Just one look of disapproval from him and then he said, “I waited for her, but I had no idea where she was!” Then he did not speak to me again.

Sitting like this for fifteen minutes on that uncomfortable seat covered in blue leather, the other passengers did nothing but stare at me in annoyance.

Of course, the start of this holiday was not going in the best possible way, but I could not understand why all the passengers had come up against me and my delay. Even the lady with the permanent in the head had also given me rude, although I, very lovingly, I got on the bus apologizing for the delay; then, that evil and annoying girl who accused me in front of everyone saying that she saw me enter an airport shop to go shopping! So? I am in vacation! What did I know the bus was waiting for me and me alone? Of course if I had known I would have rushed and still this does not justify even the lady who gave me the liar and not even the mother of the child who told me that we are all on vacation and that we all have respect for others. Of course, I will be stressed, but the people on this bus is certainly not more relaxed than me! Even that elderly couple told me “You are ashamed, lying at your age!”

But how do they allow themselves? I only delayed thirty minutes and here they are giving me the old lying hag! I am speechless and all because of that evil child! She could be silent, nothing but childish innocence!

Okay, they’ll delay half an hour and then? We are on vacation we are going to a picnic where in a couple of hours we have to go home!

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the driver’s voice said to the microphone. “Sorry for the inconvenience of the delay, but I am sorry to warn you that I have just received news concerning the closure of the main road that would lead us to the village. maintenance that should have started, as per official sources, at 22 local time. For this reason, the journey will be diverted to a secondary road that will lead us to your destination with a delay of about an hour and a half. Thank you for your patience … until now ».

“Patience?” Said that lady’s hysterical voice and turned to me squinting and making them two small cracks full of resentment.

“It’s all her fault!” Said another old lady aloud next to her husband and pointing at me at the same time.

«mine?» I said turning and trying to maintain a cold and nonchalance as if the speech did not belong to me “Why did I delay twenty minutes?” I replied annoyed.

“Thirty to be exact!” Answered at that point a little french girl at the back of the bus that had been silent until then. So I decided to adopt the technique of silence. If I had been silent, not collecting their provocations, they would have ended up getting tired of insulting me and pointing out that it was all my fault.

So I did, if not that, the girl, half an hour from the bus’s departure, began to cry saying she wanted to go home, to be tired. The mother turned to me and said, “Did you see? Now I must also hear my little girl complaining about her fault! “And turning to the girl she added with a comforting tone” Do not worry about love, it was all the fault of that ugly stupid girl sitting down!”

“Listen” I intervened then, answering them without even getting out of my seat. “I’m really sorry. I did not do it on purpose, I lost track of time, but she calmed down”.

They were all exaggerating. Yes I admit, I lied to fifty-two tourists sitting in a bus waiting for me only to finish buying the pareo and minerals, but the situation was definitely degenerating.

“The knowledge of time at his age?” Came a voice behind me. “Yours is a generation of peasants and superficial people who have no respect for anything or anyone!” At this point an old lady called.

It seemed as if at every sentence someone spoke to me whoever felt entitled to add another and no one seemed to intend to quell this discussion.

At that point I whirled towards the old bony little girl with that ridiculous silky floral blouse and said, raising her voice, “Listen, never let me give you more than the superficial and rude! I was wrong. I apologized, do not make a drama! I can hardly put the head of ash on because I bought a Sprite at the airport and I stopped over at a store. So please keep a certain decor, given its old age! “Here it is, now I had shut up.ita.

“Calm down Caterina, it’s not worth it, she’s just a young girl,” her husband told her, sitting next to her.

I was completely hallucinated by the situation. I had taken a bus late and people seemed to want to vent their anxieties and frustrations about me, as if I were a color target.

At that moment, a strident voice from an English girl came up from the back of the bus and said, “Shut up! Please. ”

So I started to get a little scared. My neighbor, a young boy about twenty, with several pimples on his face, he said embarrassed and in a low voice, as if he did not want to point out that he was talking to the public enemy, that is, “You do not want to answer. Leave them alone, they are all tired from the journey. ”

Without turning to him, so as not to arouse the attention of others, I replied, “But the happiness of the Alpitur holidays, where is it?” He shrugged almost to please me, but not too much.

For all the time I had the feeling of having to worry about my safety. I made a mea culpa inside myself, but I really could not understand the reaction of the lady, the old bony and the little pedantic girls in the last places.

time 01.30 am

We have finally reached our destination: our tourist village in Negril.

I took my bag and got off the bus, obviously after waiting for all the passengers to get off before me. I did not want to have anyone behind my back as I went down the four steps of the bus, I would not be surprised if, at that point, someone had pushed me down.

So, after taking the suitcases from the huge trunk under the bus, I headed to the village reception to do the check in with the others.

Needless to say, no one gave me a helping hand with the suitcases, which also had to get out of the trunk alone because the driver had already left after taking all the other people’s luggage except mine. Amen.

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