Monday, pill number 8

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le storie di silvia

Lesson n.3: do not waste time at the airport duty free

Ok, it was only about thirty minutes since I had taken the suitcases and I had already bought a sarong, a Sprite and four stones, or rather four collectible minerals, a black Tourmaline for Ina, a rose quartz for Marzia, a green amazonite for Paola and an Amatista for Linda. I did not know if they were true or not, but I found them very nice and of a certain scenic impact and not at all trivial compared to all the typical objects of the place that I could take, from the Jamaican flag to the t-shirt with the printed marijuana leaf above.

Now I could head for the exit where the hotel coach should have been near the airport parking lot.

I did not remember at all the name of the bus or the place where the appointment was, which is why I had brought the leaflet that gave me the girl of the travel agency, where there were written, in theory, all the information about the holiday, from accommodation, to food, to hiking, walking, sunny hours and how many times I would have to go to the bathroom.

“More efficient than that in that agency” I thought “Nobody beats them!”

As soon as I got out of the airport, I glanced over the horizon to look at the sight of a bus that could be mine and finally I noticed a bus in the distance as I lost myself in the wonder of the place.

“Here it is!” I exclaimed loudly, and I walked towards him. I felt really satisfied, on the other hand I had already made the gifts to bring home and even bought a sarong!

The beautiful canary yellow bus with white and red streaks was waiting for me.

At a certain point while I was slowly moving towards the only bus present, I noticed that a gentleman at the back made strange gestures with his hands. I did not understand well, I could not even focus well his face, because I did not have my glasses with me. However, I decided to hurry up while pushing the cart.

More I approached and more I saw the face of the man more and more angry, but I did not understand why. Closer, I saw that all the passengers were looking out the window and everyone, but I mean everyone who was on that side of the bus, stared at me.

“Oh my God, do you want to see that they are waiting for me?” These were the only words I could think as I pushed the cart more slowly and trying to rationalize what was happening.

 Suddenly the legs started shaking. Not for the tiredness in dragging the cart, but for the panic I was feeling pressing inside me at the thought of having blocked a whole bus of passengers because I had decided to buy some souvenirs! 

I took a deep breath, moved my strand of hair and decided to stay calm. I would have blamed the delay of the suitcases and humbly apologized, what could have happened on the other hand?

“You are Mrs. Silvia Zinchi,” the driver shouted impatiently, meeting me quickly and grabbing my suitcases.

“Are you talking with me?” I asked with a fake wonder on his face.

“Yes, just her. ”

“Ehm, Miss, I would prefer,” I said, sketching a smile to play down.

Instead, a cold look mixed with rancor penetrated me in the face. As if at that moment the driver had given me a slap on the cheek.

“Give me your bags!” He replied dryly “We’ve been waiting for more than half an hour” and so saying he took the suitcases and threw them into the trunk, not caring in the least that something inside could break.

“Were you waiting for me?” I asked innocently. Then I added, “I did as quickly as I could, excuse me, but my bags were in a late.”

Ok I admit, it was a trivial excuse! I was definitely wrong for wasting time, but it seemed surreal to have to justify myself with the hotel driver. I was on vacation and I also had to stress myself to get there in time and not to wait for the bus?

 See you on next monday 


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