Monday, pill number 7

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le storie di silvia

Lesson n.3: do not waste time at the airport duty free

I could begin to relax even if the air more than rarefied, seemed to be free of oxygen.

The heat was asphyxiating and seemed as if the breath was missing. The feeling I had was the same as a panic attack: my stomach was upside down and hungry for air. I just had to get used to the sultry heat. It was only nine o’clock in the evening and I dared not imagine the next morning how the temperature would be.

“Well, of course, I will also be immersed in the clear water with my bikini, so it will be a completely different situation” I thought, yet that state similar to a panic attack made me feel just like this last period in Milan. A feeling that I wanted to delete from my life with this holiday. On the other hand, thirty days pass quickly! Yes, I can do it!

As I pushed the trolley with the suitcases, I felt as if a hand were gripping my throat, a feeling of thirst never before, so I set out to buy an icy Sprite before heading for the exit where, as communicated by the ‘travel agency where I bought the whole package offered, there should have been the village bus.

The driver would have been there, in the parking lot, with the list of all the landed passengers with the obligation before leaving to wait until the last passenger.

While I was thinking about my completely dry throat and the feeling of having my body completely dehydrated, which fortunately was not true, I thought of the young and cute guy I met at the airport and in the meantime I was looking for a fresh drink, hoping to have the chance to meet him and finally exchange a chat, just  to avoid misunderstandings if he is here for the same purpose.

I had to admit that this airport was really nice. I do not know why, but in my imagination I had thought a little more rustic and less technological, with family shops and cigarette dealers in hand. Actually I had imagined it a bit ‘too ethnocentrically.

Apart from my mistakes of evaluation I was really happy to notice a myriad of shops selling souvenirs, clothes and various items. I was getting lost in the maze of these unknown corridors, of new and never seen before objects, and it was a wonderful feeling to think that already on my arrival I was exploring new places outside the scheme of the shops of my city. “It was as if I had returned virgin to the purchase”.

It was not the usual shop where I always go to see the latest news, where the Store Manager now knows all my weaknesses better than my mother.

She knows very well that she has just to show me a new bag in the next collection, giving me a loyalty discount, and I’ll smear my credit card, since then I find myself with a beautiful new bag and an empty refrigerator.

In any case, I absolutely had to remember that before returning I could buy here some items, some gifts for my friends and for my parents, instead of going around the local shops.

“It will be just what I will do,” I repeated in my mind, but actually, as I found myself thinking this came to mind a brilliant idea: why not buy it now and save even more time when you return?

While I wandered carefree among the notary counters of very beautiful stones.

“OMG! What a splendid pareo!”

Danzatrice My eye noticed one of all those jewels of pendants and sarongs, in powder color with all those cream-colored beads sewn by hand and all those bronze coins tied one after the other in the edge that gave it a lot of belly dancer air. I took my hand and told myself it would be the first and last thing I would have bought for myself, and also to inscribe myself in a belly dance class (…)

 See you on next monday 


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