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Lesson n.2: to relate with your neighbor 

“When I was young, I also had trouble finding my place in the world, you know? Then things, by divine will, were interlocked with each other like in a mosaic. But, in my day, and I’m seventy so I’m talking about fifty years ago, I did not have the opportunity to go on vacation. The war had just ended and everything had to be rebuilt, not just the houses, but also the spirits and our lives. Those were the years where we had to roll up our sleeves and go straight on our way. You are a lucky generation ».

 “It’s official. Even the nun with her wisdom makes me feel like a stupid person and the fifteen year old girl is having more fun than me! My Karma must be without a doubt definitely ugly! “. 

“Excuse me, Mother, but I do not think I’m part of a generation of lucky people. Of course, I do not suffer from post-war poverty, but I assure you that it is not easy at my age. You does not know how much competition there is around. We must always be careful who you are around, what you say, who you attend, because in our day, everything is on facebook, everything is ephemeral like a soap bubble, ready to burst and leave you with nothing in hand. At least you started from nothing, you had time and hope, I do not have either one, so do not talk to me of luck, because I do not feel lucky! ”

“My daughter, I feel a lot of bitterness in her words, remember that in life there is always a why and when we had nothing, we contented ourselves with what the Lord gave us day by day. Unfortunately you are used to having many things and in the end you no longer appreciate the single value that each of them has. You have everything but it is as if you lacked everything. You no longer appreciate the simplicity of things, but you are struggling to always chase what you do not have. You want, you want, but then in the end you do not know what to do with all the things you have. You see, I am going to bring relief to the sick, because in the place where I go, there are not many people to alleviate the suffering, while from us, it seems almost normal to have doctors, nurses and nuns in hospitals, so much so that this is not appreciated. In these places, however, the charity and the mere presence of a person who reminds you not to be alone is a rarity and for this reason is appreciated ».

“I understand Mother, but we can not always think of who is worse off than us to get better. At some point in our life if things do not go, they do not go. We can not always fool ourselves and enjoy the misfortunes of others to appreciate ours, do not you think? “
“Of course, my dear, you are right. But explain to me better, what is it that disturbs you so much that you can not find the time to smile and appreciate the little things that our God gives us day by day? “

«Nothing Mother. Nothing or something that I sincerely hope this trip can cancel ».

 “Do not be hard with yourself and remember, we’re not alone. If we appreciate our little things, good or bad, then we will be able to help others as well as ourselves. There are no unsolvable problems, but only solutions that are hard to find and that’s not why everything is bad. We just have to pray to be stronger and always to thank for everything we have, because in the end we may not have it anymore. Do not you think? ». 

“Yes Mother, you are absolutely right. But at this moment I do not really want to thank anyone, nor to appreciate the things I have, because otherwise I should appreciate a job that I do not, thank the Lord forty talks gone wrong, thank him for a year my parents do the somersaults to keep me, appreciate a degree that I do not need anything since I do not understand why those who do not have it goes forward and those who have it remain still. Ah, I forgot! Thank the Lord for making me fall in love with a beautiful asshole who has never loved me but only used for sex and who is now engaged to another man who looks into his eyes like he should have looked at me. Do I also have to thank Our Lord for the disgusting nature he gave me or for the friends I lost because of my love for wine? Because if you tell me I should do it, look, believe me, I do it. But give me a valid reason, because I sincerely can not find it ».

“I understand dear. I cannot helpyou but  I’ll pray for you. “

“Sea, sun, relaxation and lots of bamboo. I’ll think about the rest another time or someone else will think about it. Now if you do not mind, I’d like to rest a little. “[/ Su_frame]

“As you wish, dear. I wish you then a good holiday and I will pray that you can find again the trust “.

“Thank you. Very kind of you ».

The speech closed almost spontaneously.


“We finally arrived. The trip went well, the pilot was really good and above all the nun sleep all the time. Who would have thought? I thought she would keep talking. Maybe I was a bit  rude to break off the speech that way, in the end, she just wanted to be friendly. “

 See you on next monday 

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