Monday pill number 1 part II

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le storie di silvia

Lesson n.2: to relate with the neighbor of place


“Good morning, passport please”

“Yes, of course, I’m sorry, I was absorbed in my thoughts. Here it is”.

“Thank you. Place AJ 29 window. Have a good trip”.

“Thank you. I hope so”.

“Here we are. Few steps and start my vacation. I could send my CV to be a land hostess, I’ve never thought about it before. At the end of the day I’m in good shape, moreover I would always see smiling faces of the people who leave for the holidays or in any case friendly and smiling. Remember Silvia, do a search on Google to find companies to send the curriculum. AJ 29. Oh my Jesus, please let her be seated next to the brunette. Moretto. Moretto. Moretto. “[/ Su_heading]

«”Good morning, please your boarding pass.”».

«here it is».

«On the right, I wish you a good trip».


Oh my God how much cool the stuart is. Certainly a person who spends all his time traveling will not be faithful, but how much he enjoyed that uniform! Ok, think positive if you think positive maybe it come true, cool guy cool guy cool guy … NUN?”.

«Excuse me, is it place 29?».

«Yes, daughter, is your place?».

«Ehm, Yes».

«Excuse me, I sat by the window because I like to look at the landscape».

«But I asked the window because I suffer the closed spaces, otherwise I would have gladly given it to you».

“Nun? But how is it possible that on two hundred passengers is the only loser to be seated next to a nun! And then what about a nun in Jamaica? It is not possible! I would have preferred to be sitting next to the elderly businessman, at least we would have talked about something. Let’s hope he does not take the Catholic raptus and start saying the rosary. Ok, keep calm, at least it’s only seven hours of travel, I could fall asleep and arrive with relaxed and relaxed skin.

«Excuse me Mother, could you gently move the bag from under my seat? So I can put mine, thank you».

«Of course dear, excuse me a lot, but you know, a little ‘for the age, a bit’ for the anxiety to fly, I forgot it under his seat. You know, it takes patience, a lot of patience in life and a lot of mercy, praying God to always give us enough ».

«Yes, of course I understand, ora pro nobis».

«NNo, my daughter, it was not a prayer, no reply ora pro nobis. Are you a believer?».

“Oh my God, if you exist because you decided to punish me this way”

«Ehm, yes, but my way».

“Here we are, now I will spend four hours talking about the existence of God. I really must have a bad Karma. See how that fifteen-year-old girl winks next to the cool guy. I should be there in her place and she should be here! On the other hand are the fifteen years in development to have existential crises, no thirty years!”

«The important thing is to believe, my daughter, the important thing is to believe!».

«Of course Mother, but now excuse me, I should send a message before departure».

Twenty minutes have passed since the takeoff and the nun seems to be quite calm, maybe I was a bit grumpy, but she finally understood.

«How old are you, dear».

“Ok I was joking!” “Twenty-nine, Mother».

«Ah, what a cool age. The age of carefreeness, of youthful ».

«Yes, of course, just carefree. Excuse me Mother, take away my curiosity, but are you traveling for work?».

«Work? No, daughter, mine is not a job, it is a mission, a mission of love ».

«Mission of love? Of course I understand, in the sense that there is so much love in Jamaica? “I grinned, suggesting something else.

«Wherever there is my dear love, and where it does not exist, the Lord thinks of carrying it with his instruments. You know, we are all instruments of  God and we do what his heart inspires us. And you instead?».

«Oh no, I’m not anyone’s tool, I’m just going on vacation. A bit of sea, sun, relaxation, as far as possible from my city ».

«Oh yes, sometimes it takes a little vacation from work. You are lucky to be able to give yourself a vacation, if we think that there are people who do not have a moment of time for themselves and for God».

«Actually it’s not a vacation from work, you know, I’m unemployed».

«Oh sorry. Have faith! You will find your place in the world too, just have patience and everything sooner or later arrives».

«Yes certainly and also mercy. I am convinced of it ».

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