Monday, pill number 18

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le storie di silvia

Lesson n.4: contract a travel package

“If only I had read this sheet before” I thought “I could have avoided buying gifts from my friends as I could arrange the souvenirs at the time of departure”.

At that precise moment, a man of about thirty approached me, wearing a white linen shirt from which he showed a more than a hairy chest and a blue shortsuit that showed a more than exaggerated size of bamboo. He had wavy black hair, thick and full of gel, a bulging jaw and two lips that resembled two rafting sleeves from which he could see the whitest white enamel. He had stood in front of me with the sun behind him. My eyes narrowed to try to eliminate all the sunlight that I had focused on the face and bringing a hand to the forehead, as if I wanted to create the visor of a hat, I looked at him to try to understand what he wanted from me. “That I had already picked up my first big bamboo for the evening?” I thought immediately and with some unconscious happiness.

“Disculpy,” he said, smiling.

He spoke Spanish and was so sexy that I nodded his head in the hope that if he said anything I would try to guess as much as possible before confessing that I did not speak Spanish.


“Yes,” I laughed.

“AHIO AHIO, hablo little Italian,” he said, bringing a hand to the back of his head while the other was lying on the sculpted abs and covered with a very thick coat.
“We’re wrong,” I said grinding my teeth and showing a smile of circumstance. Then I went on “Do you speak english?”

He nodded his head and sat down beside me, continuing to smile at me and saying, “Can I sit close to you?”
I think he was telling me that he was sitting next to me.

“I appreciate the enterprising people!” I thought and so I let him.

I had just towed a beautiful Spaniard from the imposing musculature and even if he had not had the big bamboo, surely, I thought, I would have just taken one of his derivatives.

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