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le storie di silvia

Lesson n.4: contract a travel package

Well I had a little ‘magnified the lie but surely would have had a better effect so I continued “is all in the hands of lawyers, assets, legal loopholes” and then added in a sigh as if that was not enough the crap just said “And the custody of Sophia! ”

At that point the girl immediately changed her eyes, the forehead that was suddenly stretched out visibly stretched out and the black eyebrows or what remained of them I suppose after the complete depilation, from arches became relaxed and, doing much less insistent and absolutely compassionate, he rested all five of his enameled phalanxes on my hand and said, “Children are always the ones who suffer most in these situations, I know because my parents are divorced.

I looked at her as you look at a friend, I could not say that Sophia was actually the name of the hamster who had bought my friend Ina and that was the only name that came to my mind at that time. Meanwhile, the colleague had immediately turned and returned to stare at his computer while she hoarse voice added “It would not be appropriate to vent all the nervousness and stress in a nice rafting?”

I was in silent.

 I could not believe my ears. She kept insisting with that rafting as if she were taking care of every evil, as if she took the percentage on every person who did that fucking canoe ride for the rapids of a river! 

I scalded all the calm that remained in my body and asked her “Excuse me, what’s her name?”

“Ludovica,” she said, looking at me as if she had just revealed the absolute truth about rafting.

“Ludovica,” I said, staring at her in amazement and trembling voice, “I think maybe you’re right. In the end I think it will do me good to relax doing a little ‘rafting. Why not try, no? ”

And so saying she smiled for the victory just won and began to draw up a whole program full of excursions, rafting, snorckeling, stays and anything the package could offer me. I would have liked to ask her if she had also inscribed me with an experience of extreme skydiving, but I avoided the irony in that situation, if only because she would have done it seriously. So I spent more than a quarter of an hour nodding ecstatic on every proposal that was going to be included in the package. At the end I paid the total amount of the trip by credit card and as soon as I had all the papers in my hand, I left as far as possible from that place. I had tickets for my vacation and a program that I would not follow in the slightest. ‘Fuck to the rafting!

So, thinking back to how much diligence Ludovica had had, I decided at least to read the program.

The introduction was not bad: “The new possibility to discover the true face of Jamaica: not only perennial sun and crystalline sea, but primordial and uncontaminated nature. A rich history of African colonies, pirates and slaves, and the fascinating rasta culture, not just music “.

 See you on next monday 


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