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le storie di silvia

Lesson n.4: contract a travel package

I closed my eyes and tried to relax.

Five minutes passed and I turned back because the sun was giving me a lot of trouble on the skin and so I began to rummage in the bag and took in hand the program of the holiday, or rather of the first twelve days, since my holiday consisted of three travel packages combined in one solution.

“So, let’s read this program” I thought, “since I do not have the slightest intention of doing anything written.”

I remember the day I went to the travel agency to buy it. Several times I had to explain to the young lady of the agency that I did not want to take any excursions or visit any place. I just wanted to have a bungalow somewhere, where there would have been a comfortable bed to welcome me every night with my lover on duty and crystal clear water outside to laze me in the hottest hours

“But how?” Said the agency girl with wide eyes and a dark lady smudged eyeliner “It’s not possible that she goes a month in Jamaica and wants to stay in her room all the time!”

“Look,” I said calmly. “I just need to go to the sea and as far as possible from Italy. Then my friends advised me to Jamaica for several reasons, that I’m not here to list them, so could you just make the reservation? “.

“Of course, but for me it is useless to spend all this money not to visit the wonderful places that we offer within our travel package!”.

“Look,” I said. “I understand you want to propose me the meticulously elaborate excursions and trips, but I hate excursions, I hate having to tire on vacation more than I already have at the time of departure, so could you just make me a reservation? So I pay the same for the whole package including all the options ».

“Absolutely not!” She replied, waving her little pearly forefinger with that pearly pink enamel. “No, you must at least take a trip to Ocho Rios and see at least the beautiful Dunn’s waterfalls and go rafting on bamboo rafts. You can not spend all this money and have all these services without even using them! ”

Actually she was not wrong, but his reasoning would have been logical if he had to convince me to order these services to pay a higher registration fee, but unfortunately, I would have paid the fee anyway and the services would have been included, therefore why, I thought, did you want to stress me further and bring out that pitbull inside of me that was strangely dormant?

“Look, I appreciate your zeal, but if you do not do that fucking booking with that fucking finger I swear I’ll bite your head off!” That was my answer, and I soon realized that I might have exaggerated!

Lately, in fact, I was losing patience too easily, but that was exactly why I needed a vacation and not a young girl who has a job and who keeps telling me that she does not make me a reservation because I do not have plan to go rafting!
The girl stared at me, stunned. Only the fan blades in the ceiling could be heard in the agency. His colleague and boss turned slowly towards us. I felt terribly guilty and rude, let’s say even menstruating. I did not know how to recover the situation. She stared at me in silence. The girl, mortified and scared, bowed her head. Maybe he was taking a breath to jump around my neck, banging my head on the counter until I agreed to go rafting, but before that could happen, I took a long breath and with my eyes shining, I said, “Excuse me. I’m mortified. It’s the first time I lose my temper, it’s never happened to me before. Do you forgive me. You know, I’m going through a difficult period of my life “and I looked at the ceiling holding my hands firmly on the counter hoping to invent something plausible that would justify my rage and so coming to mind Laura who had recently closed the relationship with her boyfriend I continued “I’m divorcing from my husband!”

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