Monday, pill number 14

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le storie di silvia

Lesson n.4: contract a travel package

“No,” said the girl gently, then began to scrutinize me sufficiently and then I realized that they had already told the story of the bus, so I always added kindly and flaunting a veiled innocence “You know, already yesterday evening I having made the other passengers wait more than necessary, I would not have replied that kind of unpleasant inconvenience. ”

“Yes, they have already warned me of last night.”

Her gaze was still on me, or rather on the sequins of my bikini, then she began to smile and added, “She was lucky to arrive now, if she had arrived before, she would have found everyone gathered here to wait for her.”

“OMG! Do not tell me that they started insulting me this morning. She did not tell her the number of my bungalow, did she? ”

 “No. Be quiet no one knows where it is housed, it is our rule to protect the privacy of our guests, but I give you an advice: try to be more punctual tomorrow. For the information meeting do not worry, tonight I will inform the guide to give you a summary of what you need to know “and so saying winked at me. 

I felt much more relieved, now I could go to the beach without any particular sense of guilt. So I greeted her with a big smile, put on my sunglasses, turned away and walked away. I stopped for a moment in the middle of the hall, then turning my head back, I asked her aloud, smiling, “Was there really everyone waiting for me?”

She nodded.

“Even the crazy hysterics that will have insulted me then?”

She kept nodding.

“Including the evil child and Miss Cotonata?”

She looked up at the sky.

“Thanks!” And laughing, I walked to the beach.

Walking along the cobblestone path I had undertaken after a gentleman had kindly shown me the road closest to the beach, I rummaged in my sea bag looking for my ipod. I wanted to relax and relax my mind with some loud music in my ears so while looking for the reader, I found the holiday program, crumpled and crumpled at the bottom of the bag, between the bottle of water and my inseparable black agenda , from which I can never separate.

Absorbed in my thoughts I selected the song and began to feel at full volume “Sei nell’anima” by Gianna Nannini. I arrived at the beach and after choosing the place, I immediately threw the bag on the sand. I glanced across the bay, an immense expanse of white sand and crystal clear water mixed with the color of the emerald: a true paradise!

The horizon was so clear that it merged with the sea line and the sea was lost in the sky. It seemed as if it aroused a strong attraction on my body, as if at any moment I had to dive to swim in infinity, as if, swimming towards that inexistent horizon, I would end up swimming in the sky. And while I was experiencing this, I imagined the scene of me swimming in the sky. At that point I understood that going on holiday was a more than just choice!

I really needed it, because no madman dreams of swimming in the sky!

So shrugging, I turned immediately and set the beach towel on the deckchair.

The situation was optimal.

I had the beach, the crystal clear sea, the endless sky and the sun that beat on my skin as white as milk and buttered with the SPF 50 protection similar to the one used to protect children. The only sore point was my ipod, which sent at full volume the song of Umberto Tozzi “I love you”, which was not really the best of life for me at that time.

So I turned it off, it was useless to change the song, since all the files that I had included in the playlist had the depressive mood that ultimately characterized me.

 See you on next monday 


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