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le storie di silvia

Lesson n.4: contract a travel package

After the shower and put the costume, I was transferring everything I needed from my bag, used for the trip, to that of Louis Vuitton Ipanema collection designed for the sea, when at a certain point, while transferring the cigarettes and the lighter from the first to the second, I fell a sheet on the ground.

Before picking it up I decided to finish what I was doing, partly because I thought it was the electronic ticket of the agency. The moment I thought of the agency, I had an immediate pang in my stomach.

Agency!” I exclaimed loudly and in less than a second it occurred to me what was the thing I should have done about five hours ago: the informative briefing at the reception before the tour started!

“FUCK!” I screamed. “I forgot the informational meeting!” And immediately took the paper. In it was written all the program that would take place for fifteen days and, in my case, for thirty days since I decided to do a month of vacation.

So I took it all in, quickly put on the sarong and flip-flops and closed the door behind me, trying to hasten my pace as much as possible, waving the paper as if I had won the lottery.

In reality, perhaps, the thing that frightened me most and made me tremble with fear was another. I might have missed the information meeting, “And what will it be,” I kept repeating aloud, I might have also been able to lose rafting with bamboo rafts on the Martha River, but the thing that worried me most was whether other people and, more precisely, if someone of that damn bus of the first leg had to wait for me until five. If it had been so, I would have been officially passed off.

Nobody would have prevented the backcomb lady and the old woman from jumping on me.

I quickly began the descent to the wooden path, which now seemed no longer so romantic, but terribly uncomfortable to run along with the flip-flops, when I finally reached the village hall.

It was deserted.

Fortunately there was only a girl and a middle-aged gentleman wearing t-shirts and jeans.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

However, my enemies were not around, which reassured me on their departure to the river. I just had to find out one last thing before going to the beach and so I headed for the girl at the front desk.

“Excuse me, could I kindly ask you for information?”

“Tell me,” she said politely.

«My name is Silvia Zinchi and I have accommodation in bungalow 19. There was a slight problem. Last night I lost a lot of time unpacking and so I fell asleep late in the morning. I completely forgot that, as planned, this morning there was an information meeting. Is it serious missed it?».

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