Monday pill number 1 part II

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le storie di silvia

Lesson no. 1: write a letter before a departure

Part II

“Ok, by doing a brief recap I have everything: cell phones, wallet, boarding pass, deodorant, water bottle, camera and rechargeable batteries, the house keys I left the porter, so there is no danger of losing her and staying away from home on my return. Um, let’s see, costumes, shoes and clothes are there, tricks I put them, towels ok, so I do not have to use the hotel ones.

I do not trust, I prefer to have my things, especially after I saw on television the program about cleaning hotels, I do not want to put my face on towels greasy something visible only to ultraviolet rays … by the way, I should remember to buy that flashlight ultraviolet that they used on television, it is absurd to see how the spots that are not seen with the naked eye, stand out instead with that light … … about the condoms where I put them? Ah yes, in the pocket of tricks. I took two extra-large packs, hopefully they go well. Actually I have never seen the size of a big bamboo closely and however if the European measure does not go well, there will be some pharmacies where they will sell condoms for native measures … What nonsense!

what thoughts I do!

Ok, I have to start relaxing, if I start stressing my thoughts, I have not finished anything.

But how long can they take this boarding? We hope to have the good fortune to be sitting next to a cool guy, maybe he will catch me in the air and then when I get back we can meet … NO! Silvia! Stop thinking about these things. Only big bamboo and then home. Hopefully you do not get close to that old man, maybe it’s interesting, maybe he’s a finance magnate who falls in love with me on the way.

Oh well come on, he goes to Jamaica too, what do you want me to do if not the same things for which I left? Let’s hope that I do not get the place next to that fat man eating a Big Mac, I would not endure seven hours of McDonald’s travel and then I want to sit comfortably, and it seems to me that with all his hundred kilos my place. They should make custom seats based on weight, well it certainly is not that they can put all the fat on one side and all the skinny on the other, the aero would have difficulty taking off if they were all sitting on the right side … but what do I say? Stop the Silvia. Relax! Um, look at that guy moretto with a flowered shirt … Uh no, he’s engaged! But do you think that two boyfriends go to Jamaica? But go to the Canaries!

Maybe I should have booked one of those singles cruises, at least if you meet a man you’re not wrong and you know he’s single too.

How sad, going on the boat with all the singles, I would feel just unlucky with many other losers who do not find love on dry land. And who is he? Moretto, tall with uncovered beard. Um, it sounds interesting. If I could feel what place I could give him I could ask to be put near him. But am I getting stuck? Ok, long sigh and clear your mind. Of course it would be the height to get to the hotel, check in, go to the beach and meet Alessio with that asshole! But how could he betray me, I wonder, after four years?

Oh well, we were not together, but I think that relationship was very similar to being together. What an asshole! And what a stupid I was. I swear that if I had to meet him in Jamaica I could … Maybe I find him with his usual micro costumes bought in some gay sexyshop, so now I would not be surprised even if I saw him with a bikini.

So Silvia stop to do it, it’s absurd, you’re thinking of Alessio. Stop that! Of course we can not say that it would not be good, unfortunately that asshole I would like even if I saw him in thong. Maybe I find them neighbors in the room and I would be forced to even hear them fuck! No absurd, I can not be so unlucky. Enough, now I turn on the i-pod and stop doing these useless thoughts. In any case, the moretto deserves, too much, if I’m lucky we’re in the same hotel … Well, we’ll see. I have three weeks to spend in complete relaxation, now I just want to leave everything behind … of course that yesterday’s interview was just depressing, as you can say to a person “I think you has pumped your resume”. Incredible, I would have thought everything in my life less than being insulted and accused of lying at a job interview for a company that sells mass market clothes. And then it was a place to do the job, so even if I had lied about my computer skills to him what would have mattered? He could tell me that I could not sell because I never made the order, but tell me that I did not know how to use Photoshop and that there is a difference between removing the pimples and creating computer modules, just do not accept it.

What a humiliation, now I’m going to do the interviews for a simple job as a shop assistant and I find myself being insulted by a bitchy and presumptuous boy dressed in a suit and tie, fresh from Master. Tata of being a liar and humiliated just because I am willing to do anything to find a job. And this because he did not believe it possible that a graduate and a Master could have responded to an announcement as a clerk. Of course, he’s beyond his inexperience, he does not know what it means to not have a salary and not know how to get to the end of the month with those little money that parents spend. And then, thank goodness I have that money, otherwise I would have already been back to live with them for quite some time. 

«We have problems considering your candidacy» he replied «Because someone like you has aspirations and if if he were to start working for us and find a better job in the meantime, we would have to look for another job again.

“Of course, if everyone makes his reasoning, I will basically have to start drawing energy from the air like the Respirians. I will not have anything else to feed myself except that.

What an asshole! I’ll really have to start lying on my resume. I will remove my studies, I will say that I graduated and that I spent the last ten years of my life in London kept by my parents to learn the language and, perhaps at that point, someone would take me as a sale assistant for Coin.

Ok just think, I had said to relax.

Lying in the void, focusing on the black color as the psychologist says and breathing.

Of course you also tell me to think about the color black, it’s not that you help me to be optimistic. Oh well …

 See you on next monday 

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