Momi restaurant – Como

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Momi, a terrace on Lake Como.

Quel ramo del lago di Como …


“In August, for those who are not yet to refresh their limbs in the sweet salty waters of the Italian sea, there is a place that, even if not salty, is very close to marvelous maritime scenarios where you can taste delicacies in front of a wonderful sunset: this place is called Momi restaurant and is located close to the Lake of Como”.

“A terrace overlooking the lake of Como, where you can smell it in your hands”.

 An enchanting place from which to enjoy the view by day, the sunset in the afternoon and a breathtaking view in the evening, with the thousand enchanting lights of the lake shore. 

But do not forget that the Momi is not only location, but also excellent and refined cuisine, made with excellent raw materials, all accompanied by a trained and polite staff, who will follow you throughout the tasting process.



The number of proposals within the menu is decidedly average. Fortunately, there are no pages and pages of menu, but the quietness of the place, induces to relax even during the choice of dishes, not too many to be in confusion or a few to feel without choice.

In addition, you can ask for the off-menu, that is, the proposals of the day and if you want, as happened to us, ask for some variation. Excellent meat cooked in Barolo wine and homemade pasta.


Needless to spend more words on this wonderful spectacle of nature that can be reached by a couple of steps that open directly onto the terrace that serves as an outdoor room. The view, the atmosphere and the serenity of the place are unmatched. You have dinner completely immersed in the greenery and in the lights of a romantic view.


Mise en place

And finally, at the expense of what usually happens in the beautiful and noble places, the plate as well as being accurate and well executed, does not skimp on the portioning. In short, you do not go away hungry!



Whether you are Italian or foreign, with evening outfits or casual clothes, the service is always up to the highest expectations: courteous, prepared and kind and above all not intrusive, which is rare lately.

Abandon all anxiety, you will be pampered until the end, and until you decide to leave.


Excellent value for money. We spend an average of 40 euros for an appetizer, a first course and a dessert (water and coffee included).

An advice? Continue to pamper your customers as you are doing, with excellent cuisine, kindness and competence!

 What to say? Absolutely YES! 


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