Mare Mosso – Osteria del pesce

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Mare mosso

Mare Mosso – Osteria del pesce

Welcome on board! 

A small veranda outside opens the doors to the heart of the room, where inside there is a warm and welcoming environment, a sailing ship that will gently lead you towards excellent fish dishes and pizzas cooked in a wood oven, very rare in the down town!


The interior of the restaurant is very large, well-arranged tables and a classic setting, typical of the Italian restaurants of the nineties, without any ostentation of all those design accessories that are recently proposed in each location and that, honestly, have a little tired. The walls adorned with maritime phrases with a literary flavor but without being intrusive. Outside, the veranda welcomes the so-called smokers, in a warm even in winter for a romantic candlelit dinner!
 The fish counter at the entrance to the restaurant echoes the freshness of the products and raw materials that you can taste inside, and finally the wood-burning oven which, in addition to warming up the environment, makes it evocative traditional. 

The service

Cozy, kind and prepared.
If you have a “hit and run” dinner in mind then surely this place is not for you, otherwise you can spend a couple of hours sipping a good wine and cuddling between talk and good food. Excellent focaccia that offer while waiting for the dishes.

The dishes

Surely the Mare Mosso is a restaurant which pays ore attention to the quality of raw materials and the amount that the aesthetics of the dish.
This fully justifies a typical choice of old Italian trattorias, where in addition to spending some time in the company we went above all to eat. It offers a typical and refined cuisine with a home-made flavor, excellent selection of appetizers, where the recommended dish is the hot and cold sea starter”.

Excellent linguine with lobster and spaghetti in paper, which certainly have nothing to envy either for goodness or quantity to a dish ordered in a restaurant in southern Italy.
If you do not know what to eat, you are undecided or do not want to eat fish, I recommend one of the excellent pizzas cooked in a wood oven, a guarantee for all palates.
 The wine list is not pretentious, excellent selection at non-exorbitant prices.  
The cost of the menu, to be fair, is medium to high. For a dinner with two meals, starter and main course, wine and drinks, the cost is around 45 euros each; (but there are various combinations if you want to spend a little less).
All in all for the type of restaurant and the area in which it is located is in line with the Milan prices, at least for eating excellent fish! What else to add if not “And to shipwreck me sweet in this sea!

 Given the area, it is worth mentioning the parking agreement: at 100 mt. reachable from two different entrances: Via Bergamo / Via Maffei 

 What to say? Suggested! 


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