How to set the table?

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How many times have we asked ourselves how to set the table?

Many times, we do not care that much, sometimes, tired, angry or depressed so we set up like grandmothers taught us:

In an order that can be called creative or “Ad Muzzum” …

Then one evening, taken by a rapture of loneliness, you decide to have a dinner inviting, boyfriend or girlfriend or simply friends and would do something different.

Maybe you only cooked  pasta and you want to impress your guests with special effects in Alessandro Borghese style?!

Are you a lover of bon ton because your in-laws are having dinner with you for the first time and depends on your sex life with their daughter or child?

 Here is a simple image that you can modify according to your needs or based on what you have between your dishes 


If you want instead to complicate your life even more than it is, then there is another way of setting that reminds more of a dinner with Prince Henry of Walles.



The choice is yours 

In any case, remember: as far as you can set the table well if what you cook is inedible, you can also organize to put the fireworks at the table but your efforts will be in vain, as long as there are some survivors …
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