How to make a grilled oven?

carne in salamoia
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How many times have we wanted to make grilled meat in the oven but we didn’t know how?

It often happens that if you live in Milan or in any other city in the world and you do not have a terrace or balcony, or even better a garden, the memories of a good barbecue are often linked exclusively to Easter Monday.

Is not this an injustice?

How often do we hear with a sly smile from the lucky frineds that all depends on the choice that has been made by us: living in the downtown without having the stress of parking the car instead of having an apartment in the suburbs with a little extra air and a bit of healthy green.   But who said that you cannot have both? 

Well, after a bit ‘of attempts and research on the web, I found a solution

The problems are simply two:

  1. how do you grill?
  2. how cleans the oven?

Try to solve problems one at a time.


First of all you start with going to the butcher and buying meat (you can also opt for supermarkets of course)

Once you have bought the meat and a good bottle of red wine, I suggest the Chianti classico, you can start preparing the meat.

What you need is:

  • salt
  • lemon
  • Origan
  • rosemary
  • black pepper
  • Meat: sausage lugana, meat skewers, pork ribs and everything you want.


  • take a plate, a bowl or a container large enough to put all the meat you bought.
  • put the salt and mix the meat with your hands.
  • put a sprinkling of black pepper.
  • add rosemary powder and even a few sprigs. The meat must in some way be flavored.
  • add a pinch of oregano.
  • it mixes everything.
  • when you have finished mixing add the juice of two lemons and let the meat rest for about half an hour.


  • prepare the oven grill. The most annoying part that often discourages us from making meat in this way is that the oven will then somehow be cleaned before the election of a new Pope.
  • Take some baking paper and position it as you see in the image on the side. This means that all the oil released from the meat will not fall on the pan and you will not have to spend 10 years cleaning it.
  • NB: if you have the highest grill I suggest you put the potatoes under thin slices so they will cook together with the meat flavoring thanks to the oil that will drain from under the meat (a light thing in short!).
  • Light the oven at 220 ° and insert the meat immediately. At this point wait about twenty minutes and check the meat from time to time to prevent it from burning!



  • take the pan used, throw the baking paper and put some water and vinegar of alcohol. The proportion is 1 of water and 2 of vinegar.
  • turn on the oven at 50 ° and insert the pan in the middle shelf.
  • after about an hour, remove the pan, wash it and then with a damp cloth clean the oven after it has obviously cooled. Et voila.

ALTERNATIVE grilled oven

  • take a pan, some previously grilled vegetables and prepare the sausage wheel, blocking the sides with toothpicks (picture on the side)
  • adjust with a pinch of salt
  • sprinkle with rosemary and oregano
  • cook the sausage for ten minutes on high heat with a lid and then medium heat without lid for another 10 minutes taking
  • care to turn the sausage from time to time.




Of course this makes sense if you are not a vegetarian!

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