Frida Kahlo exhibition in Milan

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Frida Kahlo

When the artist goes beyond the human being

 An artist even before being a woman: this is what I think when I talk about Frida Kalho 

Many young people today, ladies or gentlemen who are not appassionate about art, often recognize or define this artist as “the one with the mustache and the united eyebrows”. This hurts a lot:

It hurts because it’s reductive.

It hurts because it reduces the artistic dimension of a person and her humanity to a physical aestheticism.

It hurts because those who don’t know her story do not understand her physical pain overcome “even” through art.

It hurts because the ignorance of not understanding what is different from us tends always to diminish the unknown.

She said: “I am the subject I know best”. This brings us back to a simple and pure concept, in countertendency in these years made by selfies, filters on Istagram and photoshop: accepting for what you are and learning to know each other without external architects. The nudity of one’s own soul that does not necessarily have to be reflected on the outside, modifying its perception for the pleasure of others.

The retrospective at Milan’s Mudec, Museo delle Culture in Milan, is set up from February 1 to June 3, 2018


The exhibition will include oils, drawings, watercolours, letters and photographs, and we intend to bring together works by Frida that have never been displayed in Italy before.Mudec Milan - Frida Kalho

Her works, cathartic, tell about her being and her most intimate states of mind.

Frida  becomes, to all intents and purposes, an international icon with her strong and recognizable image over the years (although the artist died only at the age of 47 in 1954).

A strong and recognizable image, like all the celebrities of today, well known by the boys  as Rihanna or a Lady Gaga, or like Sophia Lauren or Liz Tylor of other days.

She is and she will be a source of inspiration for fashion and the arts for many years and her lessons are the most precious legacy together with her works.

The retrospective is really great. If you want you can go for a walk inside, but if you want to enjoy every moment, because you are appassionate or because you simply like art, then I advise you not to take appointments later and spend at least two or three hours inside the museum, just like when you go to visit the Pinacoteca di Brera.

 My advice to better appreciate the exibithion? Read her biography first, you do not necessarily have to know all her works, at Mudec you will have all the time to know them, through the letters and her paintings, the wonderful world and the wonderful soul of Frida Kahlo.  ]


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