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forty 47 seven

Forty 47 Seven: pleasant discovery!

July 2018: Milan slowly begins to empty, pleasant deception of feeling like a city owner. The heat is muggy, in the evening you would expect a bit of restorative rain, of those that cool the air and allow a little ‘relief, and so it was. Of course we would not have expected something like the universal flood of the Old Testament, but so …

The location: excellent location, accessible by public transport and taxi.

The restaurant, as the waiter explained, is a former restaurant of Chinese cuisine, which has changed its cuisine (but not its owners) turning to Italian specialties. Local with a young and dynamic furniture, sometimes a bit aseptic, very similar to the trends of contemporary furniture (similar, just to say, when they make the look in the television program of Gordon Ramsey “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares). It could be a good idea a personal touch to give character and originality to the room. Excellent position of the open kitchen.

So here we are at Forty 47 Seven restaurant!

How can we synthesise this surprising and pleasant experience?

The service: arrived at the table after the order we were served with kindness and joviality an entrée offered by the house: excellent! On the service, young and to be perfected. (You appreciate the sympathy, but it is not polite to be interrupted continuously while talking pleasantly asking to pass the empty plates (?) or simply to know how the dinner proceeds … Even if the sympathy and genuineness of the service compensates for the shortcomings that surely they will improve over time.

The menu does not have a huge selection, (thankfully) and all the ingredients are fresh, from fish to meat, from cheese to pasta.

 I definitely recommend the burratina with truffle, really tasty and honest in the price. 

forty 47 sevenGood and tasty pasta, perfect cooking and average portion.

forty 47 seven

The mise en place is very nice, unlike some negative reviews that I read on tripadvisor (but each has its own tastes and aesthetic standards).

Potatoes and fried zucchini are presented masterfully! (And they are also good and tasty).

Honestly, compared to many restaurants in Milan, their offer is more than satisfactory and aesthetically aligned with the trends of the same level. 

forty 47 sevenExcellent meat steak served on a hot cast iron dish. The taste of the meat is of high quality, less the presentation. The meat also continues to cook on the cast iron, so the advice is, if you like eating it medium, to order it perhaps rare (otherwise the risk is to eat it in the end too well cooked).

The prices are perfectly in line with the average of the restaurants in Milan and have an excellent quality/price ratio. (For an appetizer, main course, side dish, dessert, water and bottle of wine you spend an average of 45 euros each).

In summary, the dishes are tasty, well executed. You do not stay fast!

An advice? Give some personality to the interior design to distinguish you from all the other restaurants that Milan offers for this trend of local.

 What to say? Absolutely Yes 


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