Felice a Testaccio: Roman cuisine since 1936

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Have you ever tried Roman cuisine in Milan?

Felice a Testaccio offers a typical menu of Roman cuisine worthy of being tried at least once in a lifetime.

If you are in a hurry, you have decided to book a table but you should definitely go to Central Station to take the train or if you have a party to which you have to arrive on time, then this is the place done for you!
If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy an intimate dinner with your boyfriend or your girlfriend or if you simply want to enjoy delicious and unhurried dishes in the company, then opt for another restaurant.

Well, let’s go with order:

The location sis refined with great attention to detail. Warm light, warm and that immediately gives the idea of ​​a comfortable and intimate place despite the fact that the tables are not near privacy.

The menù is extensive and offers dishes based on seasonality also divided by days of the week, symptom that the restaurant does not use anything frozen but only fresh products.

The sercive: anxiolytic to the limits of the bearable. Prepared and kind, perhaps a little ‘too cloying but extremely attentive to customer needs. Several times the staff approaches the tables asking for feedback on the dinner, on the quality of the food or simply to ask you to pass the dishes if they do not get there.

Speaking and relaxing is the goal that everyone has when he goes out to dinner, but in this place it can often happen that the waiter interrupts you while you are focused to speak to ask you anything that comes to mind. 

Service therefore really fast, in the sense that it is comparable to the speed that usually has a service in a Japanese or Chinese restaurant, where along with the appetizers come both the desserts that the latter followed by the first. Here, perhaps, this is the real sore point that upsets the concept of dinner out: I go out to relax and not to do a marathon of food and eat everything within 20 minutes!

 the dishes are well structured, coming from Roman tradition that those who have had the good fortune to taste them in Rome, will certainly agree.  

polpette sugoThe meatballs are gravy and soft and the amount served in the dishes is certainly not a gourmet restaurant where you then need to order other dishes to feel full.

carbonaraExcellent pasta selections: carbonarais well done according to the parameters of the Roman culinary tradition and the same goes for pasta alla gricia. 

Singular is the service if you order the Tonnarelli cheese and pepper: here the waiter (with a markedly Roman dialectal inflection) will present himself to mix the pasta in an original way, turning it quickly with the help of two spoons, touristy but effective!

Finally I recommend “La coda alla Vaccinara”, typical of the Roman tradition and cooked really impeccably.

The lamb? Simply excellent!

The wine list is well stocked, and the definitely fun touch is given by the sommelier girl (?) Who will pour the wine, a sort of Alice in Wonderland.

The bill: for an appetizer, a first course and a second accompanied by a good bottle of wine, water and coffee, you spend an average of 45 euros. A decidedly low price for the quality of the ingredients and the portioning.

In conclusion: definitely to try more than once in life but to improve the service absolutely, otherwise the risk of losing customers (given the anxiety generated by performance) is really high!

 What to say? Absolutely Yes if you do not suffer from anxiety 



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