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Welcome to the East Market in Milan!

It’s a Sunday morning and in Milan the sun rises and shines.

 Ok, ok, the sad reality that often rains instead, but this does not stop our lives, because otherwise we should spend about 10 months a year @ home in slippers and with internet and Netflix. 

Let’s say it: it often rains in Milan, but this is not the point!

The disco closed a couple of hours ago and, in hangover, at home the day never goes away easily. If you’re not in hangover, do not worry, you always have time to drink at the East Market food or the first bar downstairs your home, but if you really cannot stay home, one of the alternatives offered by the multifaceted Milan is the East Market.

What is it?

East Market is the first marketplace where everyone can buy, sell or swap any kind of stuff”

inspired by the East London markets of course, otherwise it would have been called differently … it is a place where everyone can exhibit and sell what they want, from antiques to vintage, from records to curiosities, objects, bags, SLG, accessories and old collections.

the entry is free and between one stand and the other, you can make a total experience, eating at the food market, food from all over the world, drinking a beer stapled at the moment and listening to music, thanks to dj set that entertains visitors in the afternoon.

Where is it?

In the heart of the Design District of Lambrate, in Via Ventura 14 in Milan, a historic metalworking company of about 5000 square meters of the Second World Warld

 You just need to go out from your home and, of course, do not forget to bring a little ‘Euro for shopping or just to drink a beer! 




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