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Dad's Deli
A short walk from piazza 5 Giornate di Milano, in a street a little less chaotic and dazed by the noise of traffic, is the Dad’s Deli 


The pastrami (in Romanian pastramă) is a popular gastronomic specialty of Romanian cuisine usually based on beef, but also pork and mutton or goose breast. Its origins are lost in the Middle Eastern and Turkish countryside. From there the pastrami moves into the Romanian ones and becomes a popular gastronomic specialty of the local cuisine.. 

And so where do you do a little research on the internet, we find this place, the Dad’s Deli, which specializes in pastrami and therefore?


The restaurant is very welcoming, there are a few tables, but none outside (which is a pity for the beautiful and sunny days in Milan), perhaps will not have the authorization (…)

Classic white wooden chairs, not really the best in comfort, especially if you are not taking a lunch break which lasts an hour. On the contrary, if you decide to stop a bit ‘more, I suggest you instead sit in the most comfortable leather bench with exposed seam, that, indeed, is comfortable!

The atmosphere in the restaurant is very New York, with red brick walls emerging from the plaster, as if it were a Brooklyn suburban cellar, and a revisited factory design. Definitely a nice place with a strong personality.

The service is polite, the staff is nice and welcoming, a bit ‘slow and with little attention to the customer. 

So we tried the classic pastrami sandwich and a plate of beef ribs with BBQ sauce accompanied by a side of fries.

 All very good. The pastrami is delicious!  

The only sore point was the impossibility of taking another outline. The place was empty, the staff was not very busy as well as in the kitchen. When asked to have a plate of onion rings we were told that they are served only as an accompaniment to other dishes.

In any case, with a smile on our face, we finished eating the remaining bread and concentrated on the desserts.

Cheesecakes and tart are really good, accompanied by a ball of vanilla ice cream. 

 Low prices, you spend about 15 euros per head, for a dish with side dish and dessert (excluding coffee). 

 What to say? Good but to be improved! 



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