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When the soul meets the uvula for an aperitif!

What happens when the 60-person uvula meets the charitable heart of charity? Simple, a concert full of emotions that draws you into the fantastic world of music, contemporary gospel, where the watchword is having fun, having fun and helping others!

It so happens that, on 4 June 2018 at 7 pm, under the artistic direction of Ulrica de Georgio and the pianist Manfredi Trugenberger, the sixty uvulae performed in a concert with aperitif, “ToGather In Gospel” in fact, in support of the organizations no profit.

 In a world more and more tired and focused on itself, where Facebook often replaces the relationships between people and Instagram the way to look around, the concerts represent a breath of fresh air for our minds 

The concert, organized by the Black Inside Association, has seen the participation of two distinct choirs that actively collaborate, the Black Inside Chorus Gospel and the Be Spirit Coro Gospel. All with a participation fee of 15 euros.

The event took place at the Spirit de Milan  in via Bovisasca n. 57/59 in Milan, in the renovated rooms of the glorious “Cristallerie Livellara”.

Milan, fascinating city often identified “with the rush to business”, where the common stereotype sinks its beliefs in the imagination of people distracted and always in a hurry, manages to amaze us, once again, not only for Spritz.

Surely, tired after a day of work or study, returning home calculating the slow times of traffic, seems to be the only goal between a scroll on Facebook and a comment on Instagram. Yet, if we did not stop at the simple routine, we would know a parallel world that is not simply made of fast aperitifs and breaks from social networks.

There are people, strange to say, that do not necessarily have to register in the gym to feel alive or to release the daily tension; there are people, those who are not busy running around the Milanese parks in shorts and tshirts, who after a day of work, go to sing along with other people for the pure pleasure of having fun rediscovering the “old ways of socializing”, those ways that they enrich your soul without a click.

So summing up: there are these people, the choir members of the Black Inside and Be Spirit choirs, all non-professional volunteers, more or less with family and a stressful job behind them, who have decided to make their free time not only fun chasing the their passion for music and song (not all go to x-factor …) but also support and sharing, supporting non-profit organizations through gospel.

 Well what about, sometimes instead of sitting at the bar at any table of any day of the week you can get excited by being carried away by the notes of a gospel song, while still doing the classic and aperitif evergreen! 

More info?

The Black Inside Association was established on February 14th 2014 and its main activity is the promotion of gospel music contemporary through the organization of charity concerts made in support of non-profit associations. The Association gives organizational support to the choirs Black Inside and Be Spirit, which are the heart of the Association, and is committed to the recovery and enhancement of the immense heritage of gospel music, proposing a modern and current version so you can also approach the listeners of the new generations. The members are, in addition to the Corists, all those, friends, sympathizers, available to support the initiatives of the Association with the payment of an annual fee and also, for those who have interest, to collaborate in the organization of the various activities. The Black Inside Association does not depend on any public or private institution. It stands on its own strength, through the support of contributive shares of members and sponsors and also through the organization of self-financing concerts and courses on various topics.Associazione Black Inside


Aldo Galbusera, President of the Association: “ToGather In Gospel combines the meaning of two words To Gather and Together  and it is our way of saying that with music, giving one’s individuality, one can look at the same direction; the horizon becomes common and, when it happens, the barriers are transformed into steps on which to climb, looking at the world from a new vantage point. We are happy to be able to return to the Spirit de Milan, which shares a passion for the power of music with us ”.


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