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A short walk from piazza 5 Giornate di Milano, in a street a little less chaotic and dazed by the noise of traffic, is the bar Cocotte

Try the bruch formula and one of the Cocotte!

An “happy” evening with friends and it’s immediately hangover of the day after.

So one Saturday morning we were looking for a cozy but quiet, nice and well-stocked place, familiar and cheap.

And it is immediately COCOTTE in Milan!

 A timeless space that carry you into the provencal France, in fact, the furniture is made up of tables and chairs in Provence style!  

All white, looks like a soft cloud similar to the bar of a romantic and lost city of Côte Azur adorned in the walls with decoupage of colorful flowers, hanging bicycles and welcoming staff.

cocotte milanoThe outdoor tables allow you to enjoy the sun of a spring day sitting comfortably on benches at the edge of the sidewalk. Of course, if the sun is hot, maybe it is advisable to stay indoors if you are not a sunbath!

Their formula: water, glass of prosecco, coffee, juice or centrifuge, a savory and sweet proposal. All at € 18.

my cocotte

In the savory proposal you can then choose from one of the proposed cocotte, such as the one with eggs benedict, a rare case that its execution is similar to the beloved England, home of eggs and Hollandaise sauce!

The quality is good and the staff is very friendly, even though our waiter had his own way of presenting the menu always reiterating the concept that it was all included in 18 euros (perhaps the unkempt air due to the euphoria of the day before, made us look like the indigent or very careful people …). Despite this, the service was quick and courteous, truly noteworthy.

my cocotte

We loved it and will definitely come back! Maybe compared to other brunches in other locations in Milan, it’s a bit ‘lighter,’ meaning that when you get up from the table, you have the feeling of going out and not being completely satisfied. Perhaps it would have been too much and justified hunger, but the cocotte a little ‘more abundant would not bother anyone! 

 What say? Yes! 





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