Bye Bye Tomas Maier

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Bye Bye Tomas Maier

61 years and 17 of which passed at the helm of one of the Italian excellence craftsmanship brands, Bottega Veneta.

So Tomas Maier, decides to leave the artistic direction of the brand and the Kering group of which the brand is part.

This is the “game of fashion“, for one who comes another one goes away. So it happened in Valentino and also to the luckiest Gucci, who saw the rising talent of Alessandro Michele who, from Frida’s right-hand man, became the new creative lymph of Italian fashion, bringing the turnover of the house to stellar figures (that never he had seen in all his history).

tomas maierPerhaps, after all this time at the helm, that for a fashion brand today in 2018 is almost unthinkable, apart from a little ‘nostalgia and due thanks to Tomas for the wonderful work done by Bottega Veneta, (reporting the brand at high levels positioning in the luxury and not just for the bag of braided leather …) we can not do a big good luck!

 Meanwhile, listening to the rumors, the Veneto brand does not seem to partecipate at the fashion week in September. 

For sure, however, the brilliant Tomas Maier will not remain without a job and will be able to dedicate himself “soul and heart” to his own label founded in 1997 and based in Florida.


So, now, the Kering group is going to look for the next creative director. Are the selections open or actually already completed? We’ll see

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