Bonaveri a fun of Pucci

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Bonaveri a fun pof Emilio Pucci Exhibition

The world of luxurious colors of Pucci meets the style of the mannequins of Bonaveri: and it is immediately cheer!

On the one hand a company consolidated in the mannequins production market, Bonaveri, which is the protagonist of almost all the windows of the fantastic world of fashion, on the other, a historic fashion company, Emilio Pucci, specialized in prints and colors.

From their partnership, for Pitti Immagine 94, comes the project -by Emma Davidge, creative director of Chameleon Vision, and Laudomia Pucci – to reread in a romantically colorful and avant-garde key the fashion world and Made in Italy.

emilio pucciArrived at Palazzo Pucci, in via de ‘Pucci, it was immediately struck by the vision of the carriage, owned by the family, in all its majestic and ragal presentation.

Escorted by coachmen (custom-made mannequins with prints) with above, comfortably seated to welcome guests, a resin Lady in long printed dress.

Between a cocktail and a taste of quinoa, served by the bar in the courtyard, begins the colorful Tour, where each rooms has a different theme.

In the central courtyard of the Marquis’s noble house, the installations, in fact, have a common thread: the “vivara” print, once the name of the perfume launched in 1965, then in 2007 revisited in design (until it was discontinued for unknown causes).

 Impossible not to notice the printed Giant, placed in the middle of the courtyard next to the bar, and surrounded by mannequins (in natural size) in plastic poses, strictly in vivara print in classic tones. 

Going up the stairs, set up with leaves and plaster busts with bags printed around the neck, you reach the Gallery on the first floor where the mannequins are comfortably seated as spectators of a fashion catwalk, and the models, this once, are the spectators!

A game with reversed parts to show the simplicity of the design of the Bonaveri mannequins, this time produced for the occasion with the Pucci colors in velvet, and the elaborate refinement of the accessories of the fashion house that complete the “outfit” (printed bags, sunglasses and the inevitable reality of the scarves).


The happy stroll between the refined materials and the colors of the prints continues, leading to the Salone Balcone, where the installation of the mannequin in black and white print hits the center of the scene.

Thanks to a series of fans that, in addition to refreshing the air, help to amaze, creating the fluid movement of the kaftan dress. 


Finally, you reach the Sala Bianca, where you can admire straw mannequins, fringes, rouches, pearls and wigs on white bases that stand out in all their irony and sophistication pose.


Very beautiful is the laying of the mannequin inside a shell, which refers to the iconographic image of a pearl, and the mannequin, in black and white print sitting, posing sexy with a braid of hair that surrounds the body.


 Hit and be amazed with style! This is what can be said after seeing the exhibition.  

 What to say?To see absolutely! 


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