World Press Photo – Carla Sozzani Gallery 2018

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angelo marino

Another Story

 More ride, more run, more show! 


Carla Sozzani Gallery presents “Another Story” a selection of photographs whose author is  Angelo Marino.

angelo marino foto

As the plaque in the exhibition hall recites, (a rather small room that easily fills people), you can see the photographs taken for a year with the iPhone by Angelo Marino from the window of a train between Cannes and Monte Carlo, where the photographer lives.

Among the shots placed in sequence, on black frames, it seems to observe a lot of polaroids taken at random.

At a deeper look, however, one can grasp the flow of life itself between an interminable sequence of images, like a fleeting immersion in the nature of the human being and of his surroundings

The photographic exhibition, scheduled from 13 May 2018 – 10 June 2018, is not an exhibition of women who are transgressive or of fashion, it is simply the story, captured by the lens of an iphone (welcome technology!), the world that passes under our eyes.

angelo marino foto

The sense of this, perhaps, is that we are too distracted by social networks or ourselves to notice what is happening around us, and so, the exhibition puts you under a forcefully deeper look at the picture of a dead mouse, the sea seen from the window, the tattoo on the ankle of a girl as she climbs the escalators and an old lady who blissfully blazes the sun with all her skin wrinkles, etc.

In short, if we not pay attention to what happens next to us, thank to God that someone else thinks that then we “show” it in an exhibition!


angelo marino foto

The exhibition is completely free and, in an afternoon between a coffee and an aperitif in Corso Como (in Milan), you can browse through the numerous shots of this photographer.

An alternative afternoon, why not?




Where is it? In Corso Como 10 in Milan, of course!


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