ALTROKè – Italian cuisine with Peruvian contaminations

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Italian cuisine with Peruvian contaminations


The interior of the restaurant is very large, small tables and a mise en place not exceptional, but well taken care of. Acoustics not excessive, for a dinner we discuss quietly without being disturbed by the neighbors of tables. I would honestly change the Ikea floorboards.


Cozy, kind and prepared and friendly
Simona and the other guy are friendly, funny and prepared to show you the menu and explain the Peruvian dishes and ingredients from which the contaminations with Italian cuisine are born, thanks to a native chef from Peru.

The dishes

The dishes are very well executed and taken care of in the mise en place.

A creative cuisine that plays and combines the Italian tradition with the particular use of some Peruvian ingredients and preparations.


Excellent ceviche of red tuna marinated with lime with coriander, red onion and red pepper. The taste and lightness of the flavors is a great entrée that opens the dances with character and delicacy at the same time.


Who does not like fish, a valid alternative is provided by beef tartare with crispy walnuts, zola mousse and melted yolk. Delicate and exceptional for the palate.





Regarding the first, in my opinion the chef still needs to improve.


The proposal of the linguine cheese and pepper served with a prawn tartare is really something exceptional as its presentation even if less exceptional is the amount of food on the plate, which at one point makes you think with nostalgia to the Japanese menu “All you can eat “.



Some proposals, such as the black linguine of burnt eggplant and the risotto with gorgonzola, pumpkin and mussels should be reviewed.



The first, the linguine, without the support of the scampi tartare leaves no taste in the mouth, while the second remains completely unrelated between flavors and ingredients. The presentation is always very accurate and, in this case, highly exceeds the taste.


 A particular parenthesis should be made for the wine list: excellent selection and good quality / price ratio. I suggest you try Narni’s Ciliegiolo! 



Finally, the fillet of Angus, thyme and garlic on a bed of carapulcra is delicious. The meat is well controlled in its cooking slightly to the blood and is certainly of excellent quality, so it is evident a great attention to the raw materials.

The same attention should however be paid to the use of salt: the salty carapulcra bed stimulates drinking at least half a liter of water.

The cost of the menu is medium-high, in line with the Milan prices. For a dinner with 4 seats, 2 starters, 4 starters, 4 seconds, 2 bottles of wine and water, the cost is around 56 euros each.

TAll in all for the type of restaurant and the area in which it is located is an excellent alternative to the classic pizzerias or Japanese. Maybe they should review the price list in relation to the portions. It is not a starred restaurant and dishes a little ‘more abundant would not spoil. Great staff, delicious dishes, minimal portions. For the rest, what can I say, try it!

 TIP: pay attention to parking! Being a residential area it is very difficult to find a parking space … you risk turning for a while before sitting down at the table. 

 What to say? Suggested! 


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