Alberta Ferretti and the outfits for the Alitalia hostess & stewards

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On the occasion of the Resort 2019 and Limited Edition fashion show at Palazzo Reale in Milan, – 15 June 2018 – Alberta Ferretti will officially presents the new uniforms for Alitalia’s hostess and stewards.

«This is a unique and exciting project that I took to heart from the first moment. I am happy to present it during Milan Fashion Week », underlines the designer.

Alitalia, as is known, with the departure of Etihad Airway is in extraordinary commission, but apart from all the rumors that we do not care, now decided to collaborate with another of the signatures of the made in Italy of luxury fashion: Alberta Ferretti.

Well, considering the last uniforms, which apparently, according to the rumors, made it hard for the hostesses who complained about excessive heat of the fabrics and socks, the company flag (Italy?) opted for a total restyling.

The story teaches that several designers have succeeded in passing drawing the uniforms (LINK) that are certainly the most observed at international level (more than Beyoncè’s boots at his concerts, so to speak!).

What will Alberta Ferretti does then? We’ve been wondering for some time, since the news of the collaboration came out in November. So we imagined the hostesses adorned with flakes and chiffon teasing for the corridors of the airplanes offering coffee or water. A bit ‘less imagination was had for the stewards, as the brand is specialized in women’s fashion only. Chiffon for men too?

 NO! Here the sketches were finally revealed. Nothing transcendental, but certainly, unlike the previous ones, much more glamorous and less conspicuous in their aesthetics (!) 

No details are missing and we must wait until June 15th, but as you can guess from the sketches you will have blue suits tightened at the waist by a belt with the colors of the fleet for the hostess and a suit with tie and decoration profiles for the stewards.

To remember the history of the most discussed uniforms in Italy after football matches:

  • in 1950 the first designers to pay homage to the flag company were the Sorelle Fontana, dark blue suit and skirt below the knee, VERY stretch and very in line with the shapes of that years.
  • in 1960 it was the turn of Delia Biagiotti – founder of the homonymous fashion house – modest and ordinary.
  • in 1966 Tita Rossi, with an outfit that reminded Patty Pravo at the beginning of Piper.
  • in 1969, Mila Schon, soberly dressed in green with a black hat that reminded the gendarmes or policemen.
  • in 1973 Alberto Fabiani with apricot yellow uniforms and headscarf.
  • in 1975 and 1980 Florence Marzotto first red and then jacket verse and blue wheel skirt.
  • in 1986 Renato Balestrafperhaps the most chic in history, with a shirt that resembled those of the captain on board and a green and black pleated skirt.
  • in 1991 Giorgio Armani with the blazer green-gray (what a such of happiness!)
  • in 1998 Mondrianperhaps the best known and those that refer to the archetype of the hostess Alitalia -green green, white shirt and skirt above the blue knee-
  • in 2016 Bilottacriticized by almost everyone for the image too retrò and a little E.T. the etraterrestre of the hostesses, who seemed to have brought the company back in time (not for the technology of the aircraft fortunately!).

alberta ferretti

How will the queen of chiffon surprise us?

we will see on  the 15th June 2018!





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