Alberta Ferretti and the outfits for the Alitalia hostess & stewards

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Alberta Ferretti presenta le nuove divise Alitalia

On the occasion of the Resort 2019 and Limited Edition fashion show at Palazzo Reale in Milan, – 15 June 2018 – Alberta Ferretti has officially presented the new uniforms for Alitalia’s hostess and stewards.

«The idea of ​​bringing the creativity, elegance and quality of our country in the world, aboard Alitalia, makes me very proud. I am happy to present this project during Milan Fashion Week in such an official setting as Palazzo Reale in Piazza del Duomo, “said the designer.

How to define the new Alitalia uniforms? Vintage and elegant.

A clear influence of the glorious 50s in the tones used (a bit ‘to the Sorelle Fontana), strategic cuts in order to allow the more articulated movements of the stewardess and hostess (wishing that never needs this) and details with clear references to the flag Italian.

All in all, these are elegant uniforms thanks to their sobriety in sharp contrast with the controversial horrendous used until last year.

Maybe this is the reason why “the queen of chiffon” did not want to push too much, to avoid judgments and criticism knowing that it was under the magnifying glass given by the great expectation. But to be honest, from a creative and always innovative Queen, we expected something more.

Tapered and elegant lines. Fabrics ‘no season’ (cool wool with a 4% elastane) and custom garments with buttons engraved with the A of Alitalia in satin gold.

A belt in gros-grain logo with the colors of the tricolor used for the outfits of the hostess that reminds a bit too much Gucci, will have been wanted? All with a strong logomania, in perfect alignment with the trend of recent months, where the claim could be “where do you go if you don’t have any logo?

 «I chose blue because it is a color that represents us», explains the designer. After all, “Italy is surrounded by the blue of the sky and the sea” and then blue is a color “suitable for any complexion and physicality» 

MAGLIA alberta ferretti alitalia


The designer has created uniforms for free thanks to a commercial agreement without financial disbursement, in exchange she can use the Alitalia logo for a capsule collection for everyone. After the sweaters with the days of the week, we will wear the one with the logo of the Company, perhaps this is the stroke of genius and marketing.

 Da ricordare la storia delle divise più discusse in Italia dopo le partite di calcio: 

  • in 1950 the first designers to pay homage to the flag company were the Sorelle Fontana, dark blue suit and skirt below the knee, VERY stretch and very in line with the shapes of that years.
  • in 1960 it was the turn of Delia Biagiotti – founder of the homonymous fashion house – modest and ordinary.
  • in 1966 Tita Rossi, with an outfit that reminded Patty Pravo at the beginning of Piper.
  • in 1969, Mila Schon, soberly dressed in green with a black hat that reminded the gendarmes or policemen.
  • in 1973 Alberto Fabiani with apricot yellow uniforms and headscarf.
  • in 1975 and 1980 Florence Marzotto first red and then jacket verse and blue wheel skirt.
  • in 1986 Renato Balestrafperhaps the most chic in history, with a shirt that resembled those of the captain on board and a green and black pleated skirt.
  • in 1991 Giorgio Armani with the blazer green-gray (what a such of happiness!)
  • in 1998 Mondrianperhaps the best known and those that refer to the archetype of the hostess Alitalia -green green, white shirt and skirt above the blue knee-
  • in 2016 Bilottacriticized by almost everyone for the image too retrò and a little E.T. the etraterrestre of the hostesses, who seemed to have brought the company back in time (not for the technology of the aircraft fortunately!).





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