What does SO4 represent?

A noisy but pleasantly furnished room where you can find comments about  restaurants visited, tips on recipes and events to attend or remember, stories told and invented; because let’s tell the truth, in a free world anyone can express theirs opinions!

For this reason, SO4 is not a blog made of beautiful writing or beautiful form, perhaps, to be honest, it is also badly written but this is precisely who we are: the freedom to express ourselves for what we are.

 Let’s express ourselves!  

Today expression has become essence and form at the same time for every person. I have no age, I have no form, I would not want to have this label anyway and when I can, I leave it free.  My thoughts are my form, my contents are my essence, my opinions are my identity, my articles are my age.

The idea of this blog, of this room, is that anyone who wants, can write his articles for free and send them by e-mail. (They will be published with prior approval). Opening a blog is not so difficult, but probably you don’t have time or simply this doesn’t fit with your priorities. Maybe you just want to express your idea on the web. SO4 blog aims to give voice to anyone who wants to be heard but does not have the time and the tools to do it. Recipies, stories, place and restaurants to attend : send us back your articles with a detailed pics gallery; let us know if you want to be published using your name or not and let’s us go on line!

As Federio Fellini said: the world is a circus and men are all clowns!Federico Fellini